When it comes to insurance, we all know it’s personal. That’s why we love Bridge—it takes your customer relations to a whole new level with a few simple clicks.


Our vision for the Bridge 3.1 update is to simplify the way agents carry out their sales and marketing.

We get it, sometimes marketing can fall on the back burner when you’re just trying to close the deal and make the sale. But what if we told you 3.1 just made marketing and sales easier, faster and more unique than ever before?

What were once separate functions in 3.0—Leads, Proposals and A.I. Triggers—are now all combined and enhanced to create an all-encompassed, new Sales Automation suite.

Yes, we added custom Forms, a more efficient Sales Pipeline and an Automated Marketing function to run your personalized campaigns. However, the game changer lies in our all new Bridge templates to speed up the process, and we’re excited to finally share it all with our customers!