We get it, you’ve dealt with enough change this year (yes, 2020, we’re talking about you). But what if Bridge 3.1 is the crucial change your agency needs heading into 2021?

Whether it be in your business, your personal life, or the world around you, things have certainly changed, and you’ve had to adapt whether you like it or not. But what if you finished out this year by rewriting the stereotypical, pessimistic narrative of 2020 and flipping your perspective for the sake of your business?

Chris J Reed, Forbes Council Member, says,

“Who is to say that 2021 will be any better? There are always ‘events’ and crises to deal with. As an entrepreneur, it’s how you deal with them and how you use them as a way to create change within your organization that makes you a stronger founder and leader and ensures that your business is transformed into a more solid, profitable and visionary one, able to withstand any event or any crisis in the future.”

And if we’re being honest, 2021 won’t look any different from these last several months if businesses don’t make their necessary changes for the better.

Ask Yourself

So what’s been your business’s method of dealing with change? Have you looked into stronger marketing strategies to save your sales? Could you agree that your team may be too comfortable with how things have always been to improve how things could be? Now that traveling is off the table, how are you maintaining relationships with customers now that the internet is your only tool?

Overall, if you’re not staying ahead of change, this year’s change will stay ahead of you.

What This Means For You As A Bridge User

At The Kotter Group, we believe that investing in or upgrading to Bridge 3.1 could be the best change you make for your business. Frankly, we believe it’s the superpower that could save you from falling victim to yet another wave of change that 2020 could bring ashore for your team.

As entrepreneurs, we know what it takes to power through the highs and lows of running your own business—pandemic or not.

So to all you independent agents avoiding change, why not embrace it by allowing Bridge 3.1 to improve your sales, marketing and overall communications for your agency?

So Here’s to 2021…

We want agents to head into 2021 ahead of the change–better than they were in 2020–with an innovative CRM, a dynamic sales pipeline, an effortlessly powerful marketing suite and a revolutionary phone system.

Not to mention the other 30+ capabilities Bridge 3.1 can provide for your agency.

How you respond to change and adversity is what defines you not only as a business, but as a leader. We don’t see investing in or upgrading to 3.1 as yet another disruption your business this year. We see it as quite the opposite. Therefore, here are 4 ways Bridge 3.1 will better your overall business operations heading in to 2021:

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