Bridge CRM Update (1-31-2022)

This release includes Bridge branding changes, support for configurable Outbound Caller ID assignment, and numerous improvements to Automated Messaging, eSign, Contacts, Video and Export functions to enhance the user experience.

New Features:

Configurable Outbound Caller ID assignment
Various Bridge branding changes
Added phone type query to List Builder
Added persistent session lock to Video Conference

Bug Fixes:

Various verbiage changes for clarity and cross functional consistency
Improved Automated Messaging delivery stats
Changes to Conference Room creation and naming
Improved QQ Catalyst sync processing
Improved policy data handling for contact upload & synch processing in all export modes
Improved generic contact upload processing
Removal of call recording links from various export modes
eSign signature box resizing/placement and deleted envelope retention processing

Items we are still working on:

Delays in Visual Voicemail, Call Recordings & Call Analytics appearing in the UI, inconsistent operation of Automated Messaging triggers and some exports to Hawksoft have been reported under some network/desktop conditions. We have not been able to consistently replicate these conditions in our lab and are working on the issues.