Bridge CRM Update (2-28-2022)

This release includes enhanced features for eSign, Call Centre View, and User Text Messaging plus various improvements/bug fixes for eSign List Builder, QQ Sync, Voice mail handling, functions to enhance the user experience.

New Features:
Tiered Sending of eSign documents
View Only status in Location Permissions
Assignable User Text messaging function

Bug Fixes:
eSign Templates, Text Box handling and Approve Only selection
List Builder Acct. Sales & Service Mgr. selection
Improved QQ Catalyst sync processing for policy data
Improved Voice Mail handling
Agency Renewal Reports

Items we are still working on:
Inconsistency of Automated Messaging triggers, Queue Analytics in the UI, and export to Hawksoft have been reported under some network/desktop conditions. We have not been able to consistently replicate these conditions in our lab and are working on the issues.