Bridge v4 (DAVE) and Bridge v3.1 CRM Update (11.2.22)

This release includes changes to Bridge v4 (DAVE) and Bridge v3 CRMs. Refer to the appropriate list/s below for specifics. Only bug fixes for eSign & Text Messaging were applied to Bridge v3. In addition to a few bug fixes, new features added and enhancements made to Automated Marketing, Call History, Contacts, Document Share, & eSign functions are designed to enhance the user experience on the Bridge v4 (DAVE) platform.

Changes made to Bridge v4 (DAVE)

New Features:
– Added the ability to select which User Status to include under Activity Monitor operations.
– Added the ability to attach a file to One Time Message email campaign/s in Automated Marketing.
– Added the ability to designate Agency Wide envelope/message/reminder settings as the default setup

– Enabled the ability to start Chat conversations between Bridge users from within Call History.
– Improved Manage New Sender process in Automated Marketing.
– Improved searchability of One-Time Message Campaigns in Automated Marketing.
– Improved useability of Contact selection within Automated Marketing campaigns.
– Improved usability of Call Actions within Call History.
– Improved searchability of calls within Call History/Legacy Call History.
– Enhanced operability of Sticky Note widget.
– Improved useability of left sidebar menu navigation.
– Improved searchability of documents within Document Share.
– Improved useability of Email Categories within the unsubscribed feature.

Bug Fixes:
– Modified SMS opt-out processing.
– Eliminated dual email notice delivery to eSign signatories in some cases.
– Expand the results window to allow for page navigation when many documents are in a search set.
– Improved accuracy of contact search results.
– The ability for reselection of previously un-assigned contact fields within Contact uploads was enabled.

Items we are still working on:
Our primary focus at this time for Bridge v4 is on improving task workflow, useability, and overall system reliability. Stayed tuned.


Changes made to Bridge v3.1

Bug Fix Changes to Bridge v3.1:
Modified SMS opt-out processing
Eliminated dual email notice delivery to eSign signatories in some cases

Bridge v3.1 items we are still working on:
No further enhancements will be made to Bridge v3. We will only facilitate major bug fixes on Bridge v3 for the remainder of its life cycle.