Bridge v4 (DAVE) CRM Update 12.1.22

This release includes changes to the Bridge v4 (DAVE) CRM. In addition to a few bug fixes, enhancements to AMS360 Call Recording Exports, Activity Monitor, Time Zone Assignment, and Outbound Caller ID Selection in DAVE. These functional changes are all designed to enhance the user experience on the Bridge v4 (DAVE) platform.

Changes made to Bridge v4 (DAVE)
New Features:
Expanded number of supported selections for Outbound Call IDs in DAVE

Expanded file size for call recording exports to AMS360
Ability to switch between users while in the Timeline view within Activity Monitor
Propogated set Agency Time Zone to all users and provided a means allowing users to set different time zone than the agency where necessary

Bug Fixes:
Improved operation eSign exports to HawkSoft
Corrected user interface (UI) message within Forms Team Creation
Improved handling of Time Zone Assignment
Improved handling of call recordings for display in Call History
Improved handling Name/Email, DID/Extensions changes between Bridge and DAVE
Several performance-related changes were made to the Bridge infrastructure

Items we are still working on:
Our primary focus at this time for Bridge v4 is on improving task workflow, useability, and overall system reliability. Stayed tuned.