This DAVE targeted release includes enhancements to AMS360, QQ Catalyst & Hawksoft Auto Sync and export functions, Useability enhancements to eSign, Two Factor Authentication, and Call History, and numerous other improvements designed to enhance the user experience on the DAVE platform.

New Features:
There are no New Features in this release

Inclusion of Agency-wide message/reminder templates for eSign.
Enhanced security/functionality of record logs and signing tasks within eSign.
Improved workflow for eSign documents, Opportunity assignment, and Document share & Forms edit tasks.
Enhanced useability of Automated Marketing, Contact Handling, Call History, Visual Voicemail, and Two Factor Authentication functions.
Refactored Hawksoft, AMS360 & QQ Catalyst sync & export functions to improve performance and data consistency.

Bug Fixes:
There are no Bug Fixes in this release

Items we are still working on:
Our primary focus at this time is on improving task workflow, useability, and overall system reliability. Stayed tuned.