Activity Monitor: Setting Up, Time Tracking

Activity Monitor can help you better understand what your team is working on even if they are working remotely. To use Activity Monitor you'll need to set up a team, add and configure team members and have each member set up their computer. Here's how. Creating a Team From the [...]

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Installing Bridge Desktop Software

If your agency's Bridge administrator has requested that you install the Bridge Desktop application, here's how to do it. From the Bridge dashboard: Click Settings Click Bridge Downloads Click the link for "Bridge Desktop: Download Here" When the download is complete, you should see "BridgeDesktopSetup.exe" (or similar) in the lower [...]

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Creating a Personal Voicemail Greeting

You can record a personal voicemail greeting either in the Bridge application or from a desk phone or 'hard phone'. Here are the steps for each: Recording a Greeting Inside Bridge: From the Bridge dashboard, click on the Settings icon Click My profile Click Voicemail Click Change Voicemail Greeting From [...]

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I Can Hear Other People But They Cannot Hear Me

"I can hear other people but they cannot hear me ... my microphone isn’t working." Here's the fix: Press the Windows key or search icon on your taskbar and type “Microphone privacy settings”: Click microphone privacy settings and scroll down until you see Allow desktop apps to access your microphone: [...]

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Bridge Cannot Access My Microphone (or Camera)

"Bridge says it does not have access to my microphone (or camera)." Here's the fix: First, navigate to settings in Google Chrome. Click the three dots in the top right of Chrome: Then click on Settings > Site Settings: Next click on either Camera or Microphone. Then click on the [...]

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No Sound AT ALL (Bridge, YouTube, Pandora…)

"I cannot hear ANY audio at all (Bridge, YouTube, Pandora, etc.)" Here's the fix: Quick solutions to try first: Ensure the mute button is not pressed (varies by headset) Ensure your windows volume is turned up (You can do this by left clicking the audio icon in the bottom right [...]

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No Audio from Incoming/Outbound Calls

"I cannot hear audio from incoming/outbound calls in Bridge" Here's the fix: Navigate to your notifications section: Settings > My Profile > Notifications Make sure “Notifications ON” is checked and orange: Next, let's make sure Bridge is set up correct for your audio sources. The primary settings to check are: [...]

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System Requirements

System Requirements These are the minimum system requirements and supported platforms for Bridge service. Supported Operating Systems Windows Windows 10 (32 and 64-bit) or later Minimum Intel i5 processor (or equivalent) Minimum of 8 GB of memory 400 MB of free hard drive space Screen resolution 1,024 x 768 or [...]

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Music on Hold by Location

Music on Hold is used for agencies that have multiple offices and/or multiple departments. When a caller is put on hold each individual extension can have their own recording play. Music on Hold can be used to play music while on hold, advertisements, specific location information or anything that [...]

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