Activity Monitor can help you better understand what your team is working on even if they are working remotely. To use Activity Monitor you’ll need to set up a team, add and configure team members and have each member set up their computer. Here’s how.

Creating a Team

  1. From the Bridge dashboard, double click Activity Monitor
  2. Click Teams
  3. Click Add Activity Monitor Team

    Insurance Office Time Tracking Setup In Bridge VoIP Phone Software Admin
  4. Name the Team
  5. Select Team Member(s) and Manager(s)
  6. Click Create Team
    Creating Team Monitoring Time Tracking Insurance Agency Employees Bridge Kotter Group
  7. Click Individual Settings
  8. Select and edit the Team Members
  9. Enable screenshots and determine how often they should be recorded
    (Tip: 300 seconds = 5 minutes; 600 seconds = 10 minutes. Setting shorter times are not recommended and will slow your system down.)

    Kotter Bridge Activity Monitor Time Tracking Software Individual Settings

  10. Optionally, set a pay rate that can be used for payroll

Installing Bridge Desktop Software

Once the Team settings are configured, your Team Members will need to download and install the “Bridge Desktop” application. The instructions to install Bridge Desktop are under Getting Started on this page.

Viewing Team Member Activity

Now that your team is set up and they each have the Bridge Desktop software installed, you can view screenshots of their activity taken according to the intervals you specified.

  1. Click My Team
  2. Click on an individual Team Member to view their activity
    Viewing Insurance Agency Time Tracking Screenshots Bridge Software
  3. Click on a date to see their activity (screenshots) for that dateInsurance Agent Time Tracking Software Detailed View Kotter Bridge Phone VoIP
  4. Click on an individual screenshot to view larger