1. From your Bridge Dashboard, double click on the Sales Automation Suite icon.
  2. In the row under Sales Automation Suite, click on the link that says Contacts.
  3. You may need to uncheck the Show My Contacts Only box to get all contacts to appear on the page.
  4. Locate the name that you want to add to a drip campaign and check the box in the furthest right column. Checking this box box will bring up a new row of buttons. You can click as many users as you like.
  5. Click the Add (number of contacts) to Power Prospector button.
  6. In the box under where it says Power Prospector, you can add a pre-set script.
  7. Click the Start the dialer button to begin autodialing. When one call ends, Power Prospector automatically dials the next contact on the list.
  8. After you’ve called a contact, click the Completed button to remove the contact from the list.

Last updated November 18, 2019