Watch this video to learn the basics of Bridge’s Chat Plus.

Watch this video to learn how to use channels in Chat Plus.

What is Chat Plus and who can I chat with? 

Chat Plus is designed to improve communication within your organization. Chat Plus is much more powerful than a basic chat system. It allows you to use channels, direct messages, threaded messages, call outs, shared files, and search features. Plus, you can save what you want into your management system.


Direct messages

Private, one-to-one conversation between you and another team member.

To start a direct message with someone for the first time just click the + button to the right of DIRECT MESSAGES and select their name from the user list.


Channels help you focus by separating messages, discussions and notifications by purpose, department or topic.

Public channels (within organization) and private channels (that team only)

Notifications and call outs

How do I know when someone messages me directly or calls me out in a channel chat? There will be a number in parenthesis next to the Chat Plus tab at the top of your Dashboard and there will be an audible tone (if you do not turn it off).

When you leave your Chat Plus open on the desktop, you will receive a notifications number next to the person or group where the chat message is located. You can also set a notification tone on your sound settings.

Call outs (how and why to use @channel). If you want to make sure everyone received a notification in a group chat use the @channel before the message so they keep a reminder on Chat Plus to check out the message.

Last updated November 13, 2019