Watch this video to learn the basics of using contacts in Bridge.

Topics: display order for contacts, internal vs external contacts, custom ringtones for internal users, searching


Watch the video below to learn how to quickly communicate with people on your Bridge contacts list.

Chat, text, call, email, and video conference straight from the contact list. Quickly look up a phone number.

To use the “email contact” button, you must have a default client set up in Windows.

Try this tutorial or google “how to set up a default email client in Windows.”

If you want to change your default email client to Gmail, learn how to do that here.

Watch the video below to learn how to add and edit external contacts in Bridge.


Contacts Overview

Display order of contacts:

  1. Contact Groups
  2. Internal contacts (Bridge users in your agency)
  3. External contacts
  4. Contacts imported from your management system
Last updated November 13, 2019