1. From your Bridge Dashboard, double click on the Sales Automation Suite link.
  2. Click the Automated Messaging tab.
  3. Click the Create a One Time Message button.
  4. Give your campaign a name and decide if you want the message to be Voice, Text, or Email.
  5. Using the Campaign Delivery toggle switch decide if you want the campaign to be sent immediately or on a future date.
  6. Click the Next >> button.
  7. Add recipients to the list using the Add Individually or Add From Bridge Contact List buttons.
  8. Click the Put on list button.
  9. Click the Next >> button.
  10. Enter your message content in the Build: Add content for your campaign section.
  11. Click the Save Message button.
  12. Click the Next >> button.
  13. Review your message and click the Start Campaign button.

Last updated November 20, 2019