Understanding Bridge Faxing

 It is important to understand that Bridge users a virtual fax system (also called Internet fax, e-fax, online fax). Virtual faxing uses Internet protocols rather than a standard phone line to send and receive faxes. This is great news for three reasons:

1. You don’t need an actual fax machine.

2. You don’t need a landline.

3. You can send and receive faxes from anywhere on any Internet-connected computer or tablet (from Bridge or from your email program).

You have two choices when faxing with Bridge.

  1. Send and receive faxes from within Bridge.
  2. Send and receive faxes via email (using the settings you specify within Bridge.)

Because Bridge uses virtual faxing, it can connect to your email. You can actually send an email to someone else’s fax machine, and you can check your faxes in your email program.

If you want to fax a piece of paper, you will need to first scan it and save it to your computer or save it to Bridge. If you do not have a scanner, this can be done most easily with the Bridge mobile app on your cell phone. Alternatively, you could take a picture of the paper or use any mobile scanning app on your phone. The advantage of using the Bridge mobile app is that it will save it directly into Bridge for you.

Last updated November 13, 2019