If your agency’s Bridge administrator has requested that you install the Bridge Desktop application, here’s how to do it.

From the Bridge dashboard:

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click Bridge Downloads
  3. Click the link for “Bridge Desktop: Download Here

    Download Install Bridge Desktop Application Kotter Group Phone System
    When the download is complete, you should see “BridgeDesktopSetup.exe” (or similar) in the lower part of your screen
  4. Click the dropdown arrow
  5. Click Open
    Installing Bridge Phone System Desktop Software
  6. Follow the installation prompts to install Bridge Desktop
  7. Log out of and back into Bridge
  8. Confirm that Bridge Desktop is installed correctly by clicking the Windows “System Tray” icon
    Verifying Bridge Desktop Application Installation Windows System Tray Icon
  9. You should see a small cube icon with a green dot on it
    This indicates that Bridge Desktop is working correctly. If the cube icon is not there or does not have the green dot, please contact your agency’s Bridge administrator.