Music on Hold is used for agencies that have multiple offices and/or multiple departments. When a caller is put on hold each individual extension can have their own recording play. Music on Hold can be used to play music while on hold, advertisements, specific location information or anything that can be recorded and uploaded into the system.

Music on hold supports both .mp3 and .wav file types.

Settings > Locations

For Music on Hold to work for each location, an Admin needs to enable it on in the settings. Here’s how to do that…

1. Go to Settings and then select Locations.

bridge phones kotter music on hold settings

2. Click the green icon next to a location group to Edit Group Information.

bridge phones kotter music on hold permission

3. Check Custom Music On Hold checkbox then Update Group.

Now that location permissions are enabled, we can create the Music on Hold settings.

Still in the Settings section, click on the Agency Setup tab.

Click on the Audio tab.

Click the Music on Hold button.

bridge phones kotter music on hold settings two

Setting up Categories (Locations)

1. Click the New button on the right of the screen.

2. Type a category name in the given field and select Create. This example will use locations as the category names.

bridge phones kotter music on hold new location name

Adding Recordings (Music)

1. The plus button opens File Explorer. Select the hold music here and click Open.Repeat step 3 to add more hold music for this category.

bridge phones kotter music on hold file explorer

2. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to create more categories if desired.

Assigning Extensions/Users

1. Click the Manage Extensions button to assign users and their extensions to the different categories.

bridge phones kotter music on hold manage extensions

2. Drag and drop users into different categories. Select the Save Extension Changes button to save your progress.

bridge phones kotter music on hold categories

Each user will now have music played in correlation with the music selected for the category.