I cannot hear audio from incoming/outbound calls in Bridge”
Here’s the fix:

Navigate to your notifications section: Settings > My Profile > Notifications
Make sure “Notifications ON” is checked and orange:

Bridge Phones Audio Notifications Settings

Next, let’s make sure Bridge is set up correct for your audio sources. The primary settings to check are:

  • 1 – Call Ringtone / Call Ringtone Output Source
    This is where the incoming ringtone will play
  • 2 – Call Audio Output Source
    This is where the audio of the person talking to you will play
  • 2b – Microphone Input Source
    This is the microphone that will pick up your voice

Bridge Phone System No Sound On Call Fix Settings

By default these boxes will show:
Default – [Name of your audio device]

If the name of the audio device does not match the name of your headset (Brand, model, etc.) click the dropdown and look at the options. You should see options similar to this where one is marked “Communications.” Under “Box 2 Call Audio Output Source and Microphone Input Source,” be sure it is set to “Communications.” (If it is available; otherwise make sure it matches up with your headset.)