“I cannot hear ANY audio at all (Bridge, YouTube, Pandora, etc.)”
Here’s the fix:

Quick solutions to try first:

  • Ensure the mute button is not pressed (varies by headset)
  • Ensure your windows volume is turned up (You can do this by left clicking the audio icon in the bottom right of your taskbar, below.)
  • Try a different USB port
  • Unplug the headset and plug it back in

If none of those help, go to the bottom right of your taskbar and Right Click the speaker icon:
Windows No Audio Volume Settings Kotter Bridge Phone System

Then select “Open Sound Settings”:
Kotter Bridge Phone System Fix No Sound At All

Make sure your headset is listed for both output and input:
Sound Setting For Bridge Voip Phone System Input Output Windows
NOTE: The names will be different depending on your headset.
If your headset is plugged in and is not shown on the dropdown menus, please reach out to the manufacturer’s support line.
The Kotter Group does not provide support for headset devices themselves.