We appreciate feedback from our Bridge users. All comments, both positive and negative, help us improve. Continuous development is important to us. In fact, we have an entire department of full-time software programmers and analysts whose sole job is to strengthen and improve Bridge to better meet your needs and requests.

From time to time we are asked about our schedule for releasing new updates. We subscribe to the theory of agile development, that organizations and software programs must be flexible and able to respond quickly to the evolving needs of consumers. Under this theory, continual testing is done in-house and updates are pushed out regularly, even as often as several times per week. Sometimes the updates are big, noticeable feature changes. Sometimes updates are small (such as copy edits) or under the hood (such as changing the way a database works).

With so many changes regularly happening within Bridge, conveying the most relevant information to users can be a challenge. So, to facilitate better communication of new releases, we have added this “Updates” section to this training site.

We will note the most relevant updates on this site as well as on our Bridge by Kotter Facebook group. Please continue reading to see what we have been up to. Thank you again for your feedback.

Last updated November 13, 2019