Hard Phone Hot Desking: A popular request, Bridge now offers Hot Desking in all packages. Hot Desking is simply the ability to log into any phone on your system, and have your user profile and settings populated onto that device. With Hot Desking, your extension is whatever phone you’re currently logged into.

Hot Desking can help accommodate your efficient use of office space. “Hoteling” is a concept that is become more popular in corporate America. It allows workers to commute to the most convenient office, and to whichever work station they please, any given day. In a “Hoteling” scenario the employee would setup their laptop and log into the phone at that work station. All of their calls and messages would now be sent to that IP phone.

Text Messaging Load Speed: Some of our larger agencies noticed that load times on text message conversations were slowing down. Once the issue was reported we quickly assigned two developers to the task and discovered that we needed to optimize the way conversations were loaded. This was done and now load times are within a second or two for large groups of text.

Multiple Management System Database Enabled: Now Bridge supports multiple databases! Why is this a big deal? Say you are in the middle of changing your management system. Bridge can support both of them so there are no hiccups. Another way this is helpful is if you just purchased another agency that uses a different management system. Bridge will work for this too.

Searching Text Messages return Texts by Date: Now when you search your texts the results will come back sorted by date.

Toll Free Numbers Duplicating on Invoices: A bug has been fixed where recently toll free numbers that were ordered through Bridge would create a second entry and cause two toll free numbers to be invoiced.

Better Separation between Agency Conversation Texts and User Conversation Texts: We edited how texts are separated between the agency display and the users display. Now when you switch between the two the correct text conversations will show up.

Status Automatically Change after using Listen/Whisper/Barge functions in Call Center: When you use any of the Listen, Whisper or Barge functions your status changes to busy. When you finish using Listen, Whisper or Barge your status goes back to what it was originally.

Agency Call History Page Loads Faster: Our Development Team worked their magic and made the Agency Call History page load more quickly.

Last updated July 18, 2019