Improved Filtering: The Text, Call History and Faxing modules have been improved. Now you can click on the buttons next to the column description to sort items.

Play All Call Recordings: You can now play all of your recorded calls easily.

Pages load Quicker: We found a way to make pages load quicker, especially the initial login!

Queue Manager Timeout Fixed: Improvements in the background that corrects a 504 (gateway timed out) issue when accessing the Queue Manager were made. Development has improved how data gets to where it needs to be. (Don’t add to video)

Importing DID (individual phone number) Button Fixed: The Importing DID button is working again. For a few days the Import button has been grayed out and users have been unable to click on it to finish the DID importing process correctly. (Don’t add to video)

Outgoing Fax Made Easier: Our Development Team made some improvements under the hood.

Adding/Changing Parking Music When on Hold Made Easier:. We have made it easier to add or change customizable music when you put someone on Park.

Changing Dates in Time Cards Now Auto-Update: It used to be that you would have to change the dates in Time Cards and then refresh the page to see the dates change. Now after you click on the desired Time Card dates the page automatically updates, making life a bit simpler.

Time Cards Update: Clock-in/Clock-out times functionality has been improved.

Call History: Our developers have reviewed and improved some code in the background.

Improved Invoices: Adding a Toll-Free phone number shows up correctly on the agency’s invoice.

Text Messaging App Loads Quicker: Our Development team worked their magic in the background and made loading the Text Messaging app more zippy.

Agency Texting Search Function Improved: Searching for an Agency Text Conversation functions like the other search functions in Bridge.

Added Clarifying Messaging to Data Export: Bridge must have the same email address on file for a user as the management system has for their login. If it isn’t the same email address a user can’t export. This is especially true for QQCatalyst customers. An error message has been added to Bridge when this happens so in the future users will know what to do.

Last updated July 23, 2019