Call Forwarding – Better Setup for new users: We’ve made it easier to set up new users’ call forwarding.

Call History – Removed Phantom phone log: When a phone call was attempted but didn’t connect, the phone module would try to make the call again. This would create a phantom log in Bridge. These phantom calls are no longer recorded.

Call History – Duplicate Records: Rarely duplicate records were showing up in Call History. Our Development team fixed this, duplicate records no longer show up in Call History.

Call History – AMS360 Call Export Found/Fixed: We found a rare issue in exporting for a few AMS360 customers when we exporting certain calls. Within a few short hours we fixed it.

Idle Timeout Update: In My Profile Info we made it so you can choose to automatically log yourself out when being idle in Bridge between 1 – 23 hours. This is recommended for security.

Hot Desking Tweaks: We are making minor adjustments to Hot Desking, making it a better experience for you!

Last updated July 29, 2019