Call History – Deleting personal calls Update: Deleting personal call history will remove the call from the user’s call history but will not be deleted from the system.
The managers of the permissions group will still see the call recordings.
The members of the permissions group can see Agency Call history but not Call Recordings.
The users who are neither a manager or a member cannot see Agency Call history at all.
Administrators will have access to Agency Call history.

Hot Desking: We made more tweaks to our Hot Desking feature to make it work better for you!

Call History – Deleting Call History: Although calls aren’t really deleted, it used to be that users could remove items in Call History. After hearing from you, our customers, we have made it where no one in the agency can remove items from the call history.

Agency Call History Auto Refresh: It used to be that you had to refresh the browser for Agency Call History to update live. Development has made it so calls now appear automatically.

Call History Search Improvement: The code for the Call History Search function has been improved giving users more accurate results!

Last updated August 1, 2019