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Activity Monitor – Quicker Time Card loading: Time cards now load more quickly.

Advanced Conference Calls – Scroll bar added: If your meeting has more than 10 attendees, a scroll bar will appear to the left of the screen.

Advanced Conference Call Information: The Advanced Conference Call data is now static so you can move around in Bridge during a conference call and the conference call’s information will be there when you return.

Agency Setup – Call Flow Audio: Audio uploaded through the Manage Audio button’s file name used to be a long string of characters. Now the audio file’s name can be edited.

Automated Messaging: You can now add a contact from Bridge’s Contact List to both One Time campaigns and Drip campaigns.

Call History – Calendar Improvement: It used to be that the calendar in Call History only let you set the end date two weeks before the current day. Now you can go back two weeks letting you see more call history.

Call History – Ring Groups: Did you know we have three different ring groups? Most agencies use the Enterprise ring group, for those who use Simultaneous and Sequential ring groups you now can see your call history the same as the Enterprise ring group!

Call History – Sorting by Date/Time: In Call History you can now sort by date and time.

Missed Calls – Counter: The Missed Calls counter under the Bridge logo in the top-left of the Bridge webpage will revert to zero once clicked.

Quote Forms – More Options: We have added to the length of characters in many of the fields so you can add in more info. We also added more input options.

Text Message – Improvements:

  • New texts show up at the top of the Conversations list.
  • Unread message notifications automatically update, no more need to refresh the page to see an accurate count.
  • There was a quirk when you hit shift+enter when typing a text. It would send the message twice. Texts are only sent once now.

Text Messages – Check All box: The Check All box wasn’t always checking every box. The Check All box is now working as expected.

Texting or Faxing PDF – Special Characters: When texting or faxing a PDF you can now use special characters in the PDF’s name.

Video Call – Chat Avatar: When chatting on a Video Call your avatar will appear next to what you’ve typed.

Last updated August 14, 2019