Automated Messaging – Opt Out – Feature Request:

  • When a contact receives a message they can now reply with ‘Stop’, ‘Cancel’ or ‘Remove’.
  • The sender gets a reply saying : ‘Recipient has requested to be removed from future contact so no future SMS texts will be delivered’
  • There is a new tab called Manage Subscriptions under Automated Messaging where you can see all the contacts that have unsubscribed. You may need to refresh the page to see all of the contacts.
  • You can resubscribe the contacts under the Manage Subscriptions tab.

Activity Monitor – Time cards Quick Load – Enhancement: We were able to optimize Time Cards so they will load more quickly.

Advanced Conference Call – Stopping a Conference Call – Need: Some users were unable to stop a conference call. We quickly found out why and fixed it.

Automated Messaging – Scheduled Task – Enhancement: Every five minutes Bridge will check automated messaging and turn off any task that is running longer than fifteen minutes. We’ve done this so no scheduled task will be stuck open and drain computer resources. Scheduled tasks will then run as scheduled.

Chat Plus – Thread Truncated – Enhancement: When replying to a long chat message the long message is shortened to save space.

Hotdesking – Enhancements:

  • Unchecking the checkbox in the hotdesking tool will now delete the ghost extension.
  • When a user unchecks the Hotdesking box it can then be re-hotdesked.
  • If a phone entry is deleted from the hot desk table it can now be recreated.
  • To prevent confusion an Mac Address must be inserted prior to checking the Hot Desking box.

Quote/Web Forms – Character Limitations – Need: A pop-up message will now show explaining when there are too many characters inside an input field.

Screen Pops – Hawksoft Users – Need: When a call is answered by a user, the pop-up now only appears on that one user’s screen.

Screen Share – Occasional Blank Page – Need: When you start a screen share and someone joins, they occasionally only see a blank page. This is no longer the case.

Video Proposals – Duplicating links – Need: The Links option in the Video Proposal tool was duplicating when created. Now it only creates one link as expected.

Text Messaging – Enhancements

  • Number Population: When you text someone by clicking the texting icon under their name only the texting number will prepopulate in the text box.
  • Picture and Text: We have made it to where a user can text both a picture and text in the same text message.
Last updated November 13, 2019