In Bridge’s Chat Plus, a channel is a ‘place’ to chat with a selected group of other Bridge users.

  1. In the Bridge Dashboard, click the Chat Plus icon at the top of the screen.
  2. In the left column of your Bridge Dashboard, click on the ‘+’ icon to the right of CHANNELS.
    Kotter Bridge Chat Plus How To Start A New Channel
  3. Choose whether the channel should be Public or Private.
  4. Provide a name for the new channel.
  5. Give the channel a short description. This will help new members know what the channel is about.
  6. If you selected Private Channel, add Bridge users that should be included in the channel.
  7. Click the Create Channel button.
  8. To manage members, edit, delete or leave a channel, click the gear icon at the top/center.
    (Note that only the options you have permissions for the channel are shown.)


Last updated November 21, 2019