1. While on an active call, click the Transfer Call button. Bridge Phone System Call Transfer Button
  2. Enter the name or number that you want to transfer the active call to
    Specify the type of transfer, Supervised (Warm) or Blind (Cold)
  3. Supervised Transfer
    Sometimes referred to as a Warm Transfer, this option lets you listen in for the other person to answer first. You might, for example, want to tell them about the call before completing the transfer. Or perhaps you don’t want to complete the transfer if the recipient isn’t available.

    1. Click “Transfer Call”
    2. Click “Confirm” to complete the transfer
    3. Click “Cancel” to rejoin the original call without transferring
      Bridge Insurance Phone System Transferring A Phone Call
  4. Blind Transfer
    Sometimes called a Cold Transfer, this will immediately transfer the call to the number you’ve specified.

    1. Click “Transfer Call” to complete the transfer
Last updated April 6, 2020