Bridge Mobile App:

  • We added the ability to toggle between User Texts and Agency Texts. (This was one of our most requested features!)
  • We added an infinite scroll bar to the contacts list to make it easier for you to navigate through all the names on your list.


  • We made some tweaks and refinements to create an even better user experience with eSignature.

Fixes and Optimizations:

  • When uploading audio files to voicemail, the Upload button is now grayed out until an audio file is selected. (We made this adjustment because users were sometimes getting an error message caused by clicking the Upload button before selecting a file.)
  • Live Chat transcripts now display in chronological order.
  • When editing your time zone in My Profile Info, selecting a different time zone no longer creates an additional time zone entry. It now edits your previous selection as expected.
  • In My Profile Info, the selection for Idle Timeout in Hours did not always display, causing affected users to believe their selection “didn’t take.” This has been adjusted so that the selection will now display as expected.
  • Previously, archived drip campaigns would not display on the Archived Campaigns page until you performed a hard refresh. This is no longer the case—you can now view newly archived campaigns without needing to refresh the page.
  • After deleting Music on Hold files, a refresh was required to update the file list. This is no longer the case. After files are deleted, the list of available files will update automatically without requiring a refresh.
  • We resolved an issue reported by some of our QQCatalyst users who received an error when attempting to retrieve the contact information associated with phone numbers not specified as “primary.” Now, both primary and non-primary phone numbers bring up the associated contact as expected.
  • We fixed a bug that sometimes caused multiple users to receive a Screen Pop instead of just the user who answered the call, when Enable Screen Pop on Answer was selected. Now, Screen Pops only appear for the user who takes the call.
  • When inviting non-Bridge users to a video call, sometimes the intended recipients were unable to receive the link via text message. This was particularly a problem for Sprint users. It has been resolved—text invites to video calls are receivable by everyone, regardless of carrier.
  • Fixed an issue where supervised transfers were sometimes only displaying one leg of the call in Call History and conference calls were sometimes not displayed at all. All calls now display in Call History as expected.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the time-stamps in Fax History to display as one hour off the correct time.
  • In Text Messages, the search option did not always bring up results when typing in the name of a contact. This issue has been resolved.
  • Adding a phone number to an existing call by clicking the dial pad with a mouse could sometimes cause an error that would prevent the call from going out properly. This has been resolved.
  • When creating a contact in Manage Contacts, some users reported they were unable to add more than one number even though Bridge provides fields for mobile, work, home and fax. This has been corrected so that all users may now fill in any or all of the available fields.
  • When importing contacts from Google, it used to be possible to import the same contacts multiple times, creating a new file each time. To avoid errors and confusion, we’ve adjusted it so that it duplicate contacts can no longer be created when importing from Google.
  • In Sales Automation Suite, we resolved an issue that sometimes prevented custom filters from correctly filtering to-do lists.