How to use Contacts 

The contacts tool is the place where every contact in Bridge is kept. Here is where you add contacts, leads, prospects and customers in to Bridge.

Adding Contacts

There are three ways to add contacts into Bridge:

  • Add a Contact: Allows you to enter one contact at a time.
    • Click the Add a Contact button and the customer’s general information is ready to be filled out.
    • Click the Phone Numbers tab to add phone numbers. Remember to select the Add to List button for each phone number, not the Add Contact button.
      • NOTE: every contact must have one phone number.
    • If desired you can add a contact specific call ringtone and text ringtone. In the Contact Ringtones tab.
    • The Policy Information tab allows you to add policy information to the customer’s file. This is great when the contact calls in and you have Screen Pops turned on.
    • The last tab, Activities will show you every activity the customer has had created. To learn more about activities please watch our training on How to Use Activities.
  • The next way to add contacts is to use the Import Google Contacts button. This allows you to import a list of contacts from Google into either a new group or a group that is already created in Bridge.
  • The last option is to use the Import from File button. This allows you to import a list of contacts from either a spreadsheet or a .csv file that is on your computer.
    • NOTE: The first row of the file must contain the headers for the columns.

Using Contacts

Once contacts are in Bridge you have many of sorting options to choose from. You can also choose how many contacts show up on one page. Remember, the more contacts you load at once the longer loading could take.

You can also filter contacts for your convenience. The filter by Group drop-down is at the top of the Contacts tool.

The Filter by name, organization, phone or email address is to the right.

When you select one or more contacts you can add the selected customers to campaigns, tag them, group them add them to the Power Prospector or delete them.

  • Clicking the Add __ to campaign button allows you to add contacts to premade campaigns. Add the date to the Description line and choose which campaign you want to add the contact to by using the drop-down button. Once assigned you can either start campaigning to the customer immediately or at a later date.
  • Clicking on the Assign tags to _ Selected button assigns one or more tags to a contact. Tags are an easy way to keep your contacts sorted. Did you just input a bunch of leads from a spreadsheet? Tag them all with a tag called Imported Leads(and then the date they were added). This will be helpful when you want to add all of the contacts to the Power Prospector.
  • Clicking on the Assign __ to a Group assigns the contact to one of the previously created Contact Groups. Remember, Groups can have up to 100 contacts.
  • Clicking on the Add __ to Power Prospector adds the selected customers to the Power Prospector for you to contact.
  • Delete __ Selected When you ever want to delete one or more contacts you can do so here.
Last updated November 13, 2019