Using Video Proposals

    1. In your Bridge Dashboard, double click the Video Proposal icon.
    2. Enter the name of your proposal or use the default name.
    3. Click the Create Video Proposal button.
    4. Select the screen you want to share: your entire screen, an application window, or a specific Chrome tab. (If you are using multiple monitors/screens, you’ll be prompted to select which screen to share, as shown.)
    5. Click the Share button.
    6. Click the settings icon to change the logo and background.
    7. Click the Record button to start the recording.
    8. Click the computer icon to stop screen sharing.
    9. Click the Record button to stop recording.
    10. Once you’ve ended the recording, your video will appear in the Video Proposal section.
    11. Select the phone number and/or email at which you’d like to receive a notification.
    12. Click the Copy Link icon
    13. Use the Links icon to insert ePay, YouTube, Facebook, or custom links into your proposal.
    14. Use the Email icon to send the proposal link directly from Bridge.
Last updated November 22, 2019