What is Web Forms/Quote Forms
Web Forms are the exact same as Quote Forms except that a user can put Web Forms onto your website.

  • Quote forms allow you to create a form for your employees to fill out.
    • Example: All of the agents are out of the office at lunch or at a continuing education class. A potential customer calls in looking for a quote. Instead of sending the call to voicemail and potentially losing a sale the person who answers the call can pull up a quote form, gather the needed information for a quote and let the potential customer know an agent will get back to them with a call. That’s good customer service and a potential sale saved.
  • Web Forms allow you to put a form on your website to gather information from a customer.
    • Example: A potential customer is on your website and sees you can rate multiple carriers. They fill in the info needed to quote the customer right there at your website. You get an email once the potential customer fills out the form, you get a quote and within minutes the customer has a quote from you. A quick, no fuss sale.

Template Builder (How to Create a new Quote Form):

  1. In Bridge go to the Sales Automation Suite and select Quote Forms
  2. Select the Template Builder
  3. Using the drop-downs select a New Template or Existing Template then Select a type, either Personal or Commercial template
  4. Name your template. For this example we’ll name it Personal Auto #1
  5. What shows up first is the basic client information you’ll need for a prospect customer to add other header options click the Header button and select Add Header Input Fields. You’ll have the options to add Logo, Title and Subtitle to the Header.
    1. To add a logo, click on the Upload Logo button and find your logo on your PC
  6. Next click the Client button to the left and select Add Client Input Fields. Choose which fields you want your Quote Form to have and select Add.
  7. If there is something else you want on the form click on the Custom button on the left of the screen and select Add Custom Input Fields
    1. You can edit the details of these custom fields by selecting the Settings cog to the right of the input field.
    2. A Text line is a small box where you’d only need a small amount of data, like a sentence.
    3. A Text Block is a larger box where you’d need more room to type data, like a paragraph or more.
  8. Once you are finished adding custom input fields click the CSS Selector button to the left of the form and select Add CSS To Input Fields to personalize the look of the Quote Form. Here you can change colors, fonts and sizes.
  1. To see what the quote form will look like select the Preview button to the left of the Save button. Select the Save button to save the Quote Form.

NOTE: to turn a quote form into a web form check the web form button on the top-right of the form and check all of the check-boxes next to the fields you want to have on the web form.

Template Manager (Edit, Delete, etc created templates)

The Template Manger tab is where you can manage the different actions of Quote Forms.

  • Use the Delete button to remove an unneeded form from Bridge.
  • Use Manage Locations to assign what groups can use the specific template. For example if you only want your CSR team and Sales team to use a specific template click on Manage Locations for the specified quote and check-mark CSR Team and Sales Team. Now only these two groups can see this quote sheet.
  • Use the Edit button to get back into a quote form and add/remove fields.
  • Use the Clone button to make a duplicate quote form. This is helpful if you need to make a similar form and don’t want to create the form from scratch. Then use the Edit button to make necessary changes.
  • If your template has been turned into a web form click the Export Web Form button to access the web form script. Once you copy the script you may paste it into your business website.
  • Under Global Templates you can clone a pre-made template for your needs or hide the template altogether.

New Quote (using the Quote Template)

Here is where the rubber meets the road. All of the available quote forms are located in this tab, sorted by Location and then personal or commercial use.

  1. Chose the desired Quote Template and select the status of the form from the drop-down to the top-right of the form.
  2. Fill out as much of the form as possible. For example, if you use a quote form created for auto quotes, here is where a receptionist would take down customers’ information to give to an agent.
  3. Click the Save button to both save the form and send the quote to Quote History where it can be assigned.

Quote History (What to do and what has been done with the Quote)

  • The list of quotes can be sorted and filtered
  • Click on the Assign Quote icon to open the Assign To box.
    • Assign someone in your agency here.
    • Write a message about the quote or the prospect (if desired).
  • Click on the Email Quote button to open an email program with a link to the quote in the message box. Fill in the desired email address and finish writing the email. The recipient will receive a PDF with the quote information.

Note: Emailing a Quote Sheet to a customer is a good practice to verify the information that is on the Quote Sheet.

  • Click on the Print Quote PDF button to create a PDF out of the quote sheet and set the quote up to print.
  • Click on the Edit Quote button to add/remove information from the quote sheet
  • The Delete Quote button completely removes the quote from Bridge.
  • The Add Prospect button opens the Add Contact box for the user to create a new customer profile.

Reports (Overview of what is going on with the agency’s quotes)

  • The list of quotes can be sorted location.
  • The list of quotes can also be sorted by Quotes Entered, Current Quote Stats and Quote Details By Date.
    • Quotes Entered:
      • This report shows the quote name, who the quotes are assigned to and how many quotes are assigned.
    • Current Quote Stats:
      • This report shows how many quotes are incomplete, completed and bound. Click on the Quote Count number to see the list of quotes.
    • Quote Details By Date:
      • This report shows who the quotes are assigned to, how many they have that are incomplete, complete and bound.
Last updated November 13, 2019