Viewing your fax history in Bridge

Once your fax is sent (or if it fails to send), you will see it appear in your fax history.


Your fax history shows all inbound and outbound faxes. (All of the columns are sortable by simply clicking on the title of the column.)

Direction refers to whether a fax is inbound or outbound.

Status tells if the fax has been successfully sent/received, or if it failed to send.

Three icons in the Status column allow you to resend the fax (for outbound faxes), view the contents of the fax, or copy the fax to your computer’s clipboard and then paste it into your management system or elsewhere.


When you receive a fax, you will see it in your fax history as an inbound fax. (Click the “Direction” column heading to sort by inbound/outbound faxes.)

Click the name of the received fax file to open and read your fax.


All of the columns in your fax history are able to be sorted by simply clicking on the title of the column.


Calls per page: Change how many faxes appear on the page by clicking the drop down arrow for “Calls per page”. You may adjust to 5, 10, or 15 faxes per page.

Filter by date:  Specify a date range (From a certain date To a certain date), and Bridge will only show you the faxes sent and received during that time.

Filter Results by Fax Number: Enter a fax number or partial fax number, and Bridge will only show you faxes sent to or received from that number.

Last updated November 13, 2019