Web Forms allow you to put a form on your website to gather information from a customer.

Example: A potential customer is on your website and sees you can rate multiple carriers. They fill in the info needed to quote the customer right there at your website. You get an email once the potential customer fills out the form, you get a quote and within minutes the customer has a quote from you. This example shows a quick, no fuss sale process.

Template Builder (How to Create a new Web Form):

In Bridge, go to the Sales Automation Suite and select Quote Forms. Select the Template Builder button. Using the drop-downs select a New Template or Existing Template then Select a type, either Personal or Commercial template. Add a name for your template.

What shows up first is the basic client information you’ll need for a prospect customer to add other header options click the Header button and select Add Header Input Fields. You’ll have the options to add Logo, Title and Subtitle to the Header.

Next, click the Client button to the left and select Add Client Input Fields. Choose which fields you want your Quote Form to have and select Add. If there is something else you want on the form click on the Custom button on the left of the screen and select Add Custom Input Fields. Customize the details of these custom fields by selecting the Settings cog to the right of the input field.

Once you are finished adding custom input fields click the CSS Selector button to the left of the form and select Add CSS To Input Fields to personalize the look of the Quote Form. Here you can change colors, fonts and sizes. To see what the quote form will look like select the Preview button to the left of the Save button. Select the Save button to save the Form.

Note: to turn a quote form into a web form check the web form button on the top – right of the form and check all of the check boxes next to the fields you want to show on the web form.

Adding a Web Form to your Website

Once you have created your Web Form select the Template Manager tab in Quote Forms. Select the Export Web Forms button on the template you want on your website. A Web Form Script window will pop-up. Select the Copy button to copy the script into your computer’s clipboard.

There are many different web hosting services and ways to add this script into different websites. This means we cannot give specific enough instructions on how to add this script to your own website. You should be able to email this script to the person who made your website or who is in charge of new content on your website to add this script and make the form appear on your website.

Form Submission Notifications

When someone clicks the Submit button, you’ll get an email about the submission.

To view the form submissions, open the Quote History tab.

You can also use the Reports tab to get an overview To keep track of the quotes you can use of what stage the Web Form is and who is taking care of the Web Form.

September 10, 2019