Creating a Personal Voicemail Greeting

You can record a personal voicemail greeting either in the Bridge application or from a desk phone or 'hard phone'. Here are the steps for each: Recording a Greeting Inside Bridge: From the Bridge dashboard, click on the Settings icon Click My profile Click Voicemail Click Change Voicemail Greeting From [...]

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Setting up a Conference Call

From the Bridge Dashboard, double click on the Advanced Conference Calls icon: Click the Create New Room button: Give your conference room a name and click the Yes button: Enter the number(s) for the conference participant(s). Click the Start Conference button. Click the Dial Participants button. During the call, use [...]

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Auto-dialing Contacts in Power Prospector

From your Bridge Dashboard, double click on the Sales Automation Suite icon. In the row under Sales Automation Suite, click on the link that says Contacts. You may need to uncheck the Show My Contacts Only box to get all contacts to appear on the page. Locate the name that [...]

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Hot Desking Hard Phones

The Hot Desking feature enables Bridge users to log into any hard phone (the physical phone on your desk) on your system, and apply their own user profile and settings to that phone.  With Hot Desking, your extension is whatever hard phone you’re currently logged into. You can use Hot [...]

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Using Call Centre

In the Bridge Dashboard, double click the Call Centre icon. Use the Location dropdown to select a call location/group to view. During an active call, you can listen, whisper or barge: Listen: click the headphones icon (Listen allows you to hear the call; no one on the call will hear [...]

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Click the Settings link in the top right of the page. Click the My Profile link in the second row from the top. Click the Voicemail link. Use this section to turn voicemail on/off, or change your forwarding email, 4-digit PIN, or voicemail greeting. In the left column, click the [...]

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Transferring a Call

While on an active call, click the Transfer Call button. Enter the name or number that you want to transfer the active call to Specify the type of transfer, Supervised (Warm) or Blind (Cold) Supervised Transfer Sometimes referred to as a Warm Transfer, this option lets you listen in for [...]

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Parking a Call

From an active call, click the Park Call button. Listen for the audio message with the "parking spot" number for the call. Anyone in the office on Bridge can use the "parking spot" number to pick up a parked call. Hover over the parked icon for the "parking spot" number. [...]

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