Bridge Features for Insurance Agents

Prospect Like a Pro

Live Chat

It’s not just Millennials. Many of us now prefer text or chat over calling. Bridge’s Live Chat on your website helps you engage with more prospects and reduce your website’s bounce rate. Plus one CSR can manage multiple chats, all on one screen, and every chat record is saved and can be quickly documented in your management system for E&O protection.


Capture Leads with Web Forms

Many customers begin their search for insurance online. Capture those leads directly into Bridge. If you can use a mouse, you can easily build custom forms and add them to your website, assign forms to your team and track their progress. And like all things Bridge, the data from your web forms is seamlessly integrated with your management system. E&O compliance spoken here.


Sales Automation

All agents dream about organizing their prospecting to-do lists onto a single page from which they can call, text, or email their prospects. We’ve built that and included call scripts, quote forms, an automated dialer, tagging for reports, one-click drop into drip campaigns, and one-click follow ups.


Automated Messaging

Nurture your prospects, watch your sales skyrocket and retain more existing clients with fully automated and personalized text messages, emails, and recorded voice messages. Automated messaging is the system you’ve been looking for to make sure no prospect or client ever falls through the cracks.


Power Prospector

Think of it as a lean, mean, lead management machine. Your entire to-do list in one place where you can auto dial, click to call, text, email, tag, sort your prospects, take notes, use call scripts, and even create video messages.


Close More Insurance Policies


Collect digital signatures faster and more easily to improve close rates. You get to close from the convenience of your desk, and the client never even has to visit your office!


Screen Sharing

Easily share and record your screen with anyone, in or outside of your office, without extra software. Use it to review policies or other documents with your prospects, all from your browser. The best part is you can make edits in real time. No more changes to a PDF, sending a new email, waiting to get your prospect on the phone.


Video Proposal

Stop sending boring PDF’s for quotes like everybody else is doing. Stand out from your competition by sending out branded, personalized video proposals and quotes. Email with a video embedded is 250% more likely to get opened. The best part is no special equipment or training is needed to push your close rates to new heights.


Automated Follow-Ups with Drips

Instead of playing phone tag with a prospect, easily drop them into a drip marketing campaign. Automatically send scheduled, opted-in text messages, emails, and even phone calls. Increase your close rate by automating your follow up.


Communicate Your Way to More Sales and Better Client Retention

Power Texting

Why should insurance agents have to use a different number for SMS or MMS? With Bridge you can text directly from your existing business numbers, have as many threads as you like, and track your messages and your team’s messages. Amazingly, 98% of text messages are opened and read. Send and receive pictures texted to your primary agency number and export them directly into your management system. Never market a phone number that is owned by someone else.


Chat Plus

Stop putting clients on hold to see if someone is available. Communicate with employees without interrupting their calls or having to sift through cluttered email inboxes. Send everything from text to files to video. Dramatically improve the customer experience with less hold time and quicker resolutions.



A Bridge exclusive feature! If you can print it, you can now fax it, email it, text it, e-sign it or export it. For example, imagine that quote you just finished being one click away from eSignature and delivered right to your prospect’s mobile phone. One simple click to securely send your files via any method you want.


Video Call

Get that face-to-face time with your prospects and clients that sets you apart from the crowd. Video creates that real, personal relationship that everyone desires and gives your client the convenience of “meeting” with you without driving to your office or having to coordinate a physical meeting between multiple people. No extra software needed, no training, no special skills. You can do it all from your browser. It’s also a great way to view commercial property and have a permanent record.


Store and Share

Send, receive, and store securely encrypted large files. No file size limits and no need to shell out for Dropbox.



Send and receive all your agency faxes directly from Bridge. No outdated equipment, no maintenance, no getting up to check the fax machine. Plus, you can review and track your faxes in Bridge and, of course, save them right into your management system.


Advanced Conference Calls

Your virtual conference room right in Bridge. Just schedule the call or call on the fly and Bridge handles the rest.


Unlimited calling, texting and faxing. Everything your agency’s best phone system has, and so much more. Yes, Bridge includes—at no extra cost—an advanced internet/VoIP phone system for your insurance agency.

But there’s a huge difference … the phone system included with Bridge is integrated with your management system.

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Track and Monitor Everything That Comes Through Your Agency

One-click Management System Integration

In today’s omni-channel communication world everything should all seamlessly flow into your management system. With Bridge, they can. Increase productivity. Decrease E&O.


Bridge Analytics

Your one-click spot for tracking call volume, texts, and employee productivity.


Call Centre

Bridge’s visual nerve center, a one-window view into what’s occurring in your agency at any time.


Call Recording

Reduce E/O liabilities with an audio record of every call that comes through your office (or just the calls you decide to record).


Call History

An easy to comprehend, visual, centralized view of all of your incoming and outgoing calls. No more clunky, cluttered interfaces!


Time Clock Pro

Keep track of what’s going on in your office with screen shots and tracking status for all of your employees.


Get the Most Out of Bridge


Bridge provides thorough setup and onboarding to get you up and running, and our ever-expanding training docs and videos are always there should you need them.


Unparalleled Service

Need help? You’re more than covered. Our support team is second to none; see our 5-star rating on Google. And we don’t outsource this vital function overseas—everyone is on staff in our Atlanta-area office.

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