Are you making the mistake of marketing your same, untailored sales pitches to customers of different generations?

If so, here’s your sign to stop.

Think About It

Think about your parents versus yourself versus your children. We all have various preferences on what we buy, where we buy it and why we trust certain marketing methods over others.

With this said, it’s imperative to tailor the marketing of your product to the audience you’re targeting or your messages will fall through the cracks.

In This Blog You Will Learn About
  • Three generations to gain marketing awareness of
  • How history has shaped generational responses to marketing and sales
  • Each generation’s preferred mode of communication when investing
  • How to market affectively to different generations using Bridge
Generational Marketing

Has anyone ever referred to you as a “Boomer”? Have you ever called someone a “Millennial”? Confused about why distinguishing people by their generation is so important all of the sudden?

You’re not alone.

The reason why generational marketing is important in the business world is because all generations have different values based on how history has shaped us. Thus, we invest our time, money and efforts differently.

If your business is not selling and marketing to your target audience on their preferred platform in their preferred language, communications can quickly become your weakness.

Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y/ Millennials are the three generations to be concerned with regarding marketing said tailored messages because they comprise the majority of today’s workforce.

Baby Boomers

Born between 1946 and 1964, Baby Boomers were the first generation to broadly experience electronic communications media. However, based on their upbringing, boomers favor face-to-face interactions over using technology.

Boomers’ Preferred Mode of Communication

Despite their preference for in-person communications, according to Social Media Today, Baby Boomers primarily consume YouTube and Facebook videos when making an investment decision online today.

They find videos most helpful likely because it mimics face-to-face interaction their values source from.

Tailoring Your Marketing to Boomers

Boomers are digital pioneers, meaning they’re not native to the presence of technology. Rather they accept technology’s continual evolution, rather than expect it like younger generations.

This doesn’t mean Boomers unwelcome technology. For this generation, you just have to take it step by step and provide media resources that are interactive so there’s opportunities for education.

Marketing to Boomers Using Bridge

To market affectively to Boomers we recommend using Bridge Video Message, Screen Share and Video Call.

Bridge gives you full video capabilities so you can easily communicate with customers ‘face to face.’

Studies show that proposals with videos close at a significantly-higher rate than those without. Bridge video tools create video links to add to your agency’s social media posts and emails for a personal touch for your Boomer audience.

Therefore, sending Boomers video proposals using Bridge to market your sales is a win-win due to their existent comfort with video technology.

Bridge-Specific Examples when Marketing to Boomers

Create a personalized onboarding video message. Initiate a video call with a Boomer about step-by-step instructions on how to bundle their home and auto. Send them a link to a screen recording covering exact steps on how to navigate your website.

Overall, don’t underestimate Boomers and their ability to communicate via technology. Tailor your marketing to their values and be patient as they accept new methods.

Generation X

People born roughly between 1965 and 1980 are considered a part of Generation X.

Often blurred in with Boomers, Gen Xers differ from the Boomers because of how history has molded skepticism and security into their core values.

“Gen Xers were raised during a time of change that negatively impacted the family,” according to Forbes. “Divorce and a trend toward double-income households led to a lot of them being referred to as ‘latch-key’ kids. Double-digit inflation led to massive job layoffs, Watergate fueled a breach of public trust and Gen X became cautiously conservative and skeptical.”

With this in mind, Gen Xers value security, loyalty and frugality when it comes to investing via online platforms, which are less personal and sometimes less reliable than interacting face-to-face.

Gen Xers’ Preferred Mode of Communication

Similar to that of Boomers, Gen Xers gravitate towards video marketing, especially on Facebook, according to BigCommerce.

With video marketing, however, an important tactic is to be concise and clear, not necessarily showy and detailed.

According to Forbes, “This generation can be blunt and direct.”

Time is money and effort means trust for this generation.

Tailoring Your Marketing to Boomers

Because of their need for straightforward communication, get to the point when marketing to their audience.

While video is a primary mode of media consumption for this generation, Gen Xers also prefer email as their go-to communications tool due to the assurance of privacy and organization of important information.

Marketing to Gen Xers Using Bridge

We recommend marketing to Gen Xers using Bridge Email Drip Campaigns, Email One-Time Messages and Video Messages because these tools provide the emailing and video resources Gen Xers gravitate towards.

“Most Gen Xers have started families, and their children are likely in school or graduating from college at this point in their lives. Making smart decisions for their family’s safety and financial future is very important to them,” according to BigCommerce.

Therefore with Gen X, cut to the chase when marketing. And highlight those points on security and protection so Gen Xers feel valued as they invest.

Bridge-Specific Examples when Marketing to Gen Xers

Create a video on how your business values security and protection linked in a drip campaign around the time school starts for kids so your Gen Xers know you’ve got their families’ backs. Incorporate referral quotes into your proposal emails from loyal customers so Gen Xers know you’re a reliable agency. Use redirect URLs in Bridge Forms to send Gen Xers to your agency’s Facebook page after they submit a form so they can learn more.

Keep messages blunt and market on values that hit close to home for Gen Xers.

Generation Y/ Millennials

Known as the digital natives of the 20th century, Millennials are people born between 1981 and 1996. The younger of whom are beginning to enter the work force and are new to the world of “adulting.”

If you’re older than Millennials, this generation can seem intimidating technology-wise because they lead other generations in their adaptation of technology due to the face that they were raised on it.

It’s important to distinguish Millennials in your marketing efforts from older generations because, “they think about communication differently by leveraging several social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and so on,” according to Agency Height.

Millennials are less impacted by the revolution that is technology itself, and are more concerned with being connected to the best of the best and relying on friends’ recommendations when investing their time and finances.

Millennials’ Preferred Mode of Communication

Misunderstood for being impersonal due to their heavy reliance on electronic means of communication, older generations can find it difficult to get a hold of Millennials.

The simple solution is: use the internet.

However, because of the high volume of ads attempting to win over their attention as young consumers, any language used to market to Millennials is under high scrutiny.

“Millennials tend to be idealistic, requiring prompt feedback and meaningful interaction,” according to Forbes.

Therefore, trust is a rare handout, so you need to communicate in a manner that is both trustworthy and relevant.

Tailoring Your Marketing to Millennials

Marketing to a millennial audience is rooted in the concepts of connections and community.

“Because of the widespread use of social media to learn about products, Gen Yers are more likely to buy from a brand that was referred to them by a friend, rather than one they saw in an advertisement,” according to Business News Daily.

Therefore, find a way to cultivate a community for your millennial market via social media. Link your Google review page invite them to your Facebook group. This way, meaningful communication and reliability is there for them to turn to.

Marketing to Millennials Using Bridge

We recommend marketing to Millennials using Bridge Automated Marketing Drip Campaigns via texting and Live Chat on your website.

One of the big benefits of Drip Campaigns in Bridge is the ability to market with text messages, not just emails. Millennials will likely appreciate you texting them short, intentional messages including links to social platforms over a phone call or email.

Also, providing Live Chat on your website for instantaneous communication that isn’t face-to-face communication is music to a Millennial’s ears. Live Chat doesn’t require a lengthy phone call or slow chain of emails.

Convenience is key here.

Bridge-Specific Examples when Marketing to Millennials

Start a drip campaign about bundling via text message and include your social media links and a message to read about what other customers are saying in your Facebook Group or Google Business review.

Post visuals or concise text on social media telling Millennials to reach out via Live Chat on your site to address specific needs at their convenience.

Keep communications meaningful, tightknit and social when marketing to Millennials.

So Embark on Generational Marketing

Making the effort to tailor your marketing to target audiences could be the pivotal difference between success and not-so-much-success for your sales. So here’s to the Boomers, the Millennials and all customers in-between.