VoIP Phones Available for Purchase with Bridge Service

If you are interested in purchasing a phone please send an email to sales@kotter.net.

VoiP phones available for use with Bridge service

Bridge will support phones from Yealink or Polycom VVX series. These SIP-enabled phones are easily provisioned for use on the Bridge system. Please note that phones that are considered “end of life” may not be able to be used due to lack of recent firmware updates which make them unusable on any VOIP system.

Using Headsets with Bridge—Disclaimer

Please contact a professional headset supplier to evaluate your unique needs in order to purchase the correct equipment for your business.

General Information

The Yealink phones we use are headset capable for basic functions such as making/receiving calls. Advanced needs like wireless, remote off hook, hand set lifter, etc. will require communication on your part with a professional headset supplier to arrange for the proper equipment for you.

Bridge desktop (softphone) is headset capable. It currently does not allow for the remote answer/hang up function by pushing a button on a headset. If you desire this capability, a Yealink phone will be required as part of your set up. Using a headset with the softphone is highly dependent on the capabilities of the local computer/device you are trying to use.

Because each customer situation is unique and we want you to have the best experience possible, we DO NOT recommend, price, endorse, configure, support or otherwise represent any headset as suitable for your particular use. Bridge Customer Service WILL NOT set up your headsets for your system. Please consult your administrator on the ability to use and configure a headset on your computer/device and refer any issues to him/her for resolution.

There are a multitude of headsets and options in the headset market space that provide ease and convenience for the use of your Bridge service.

We highly recommend reaching out to a professional headset supplier for proper guidance so that your needs are met effectively.