Your phone system is the hub of your agency.

Bridge includes the enterprise-grade phone system you need.

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Cloud Based

Everyone can work seamlessly—from anywhere.

Text Messaging

Text to and from your clients and prospects from any or all of your actual numbers. No extra fees, no renting a number. Text from your computer or the mobile app. And, importantly, don’t suffer an E&O nightmare by texting from cell phones.

Call Centre

See who’s on the phone, who’s available, transfer calls, park calls—no matter where your users are located. Managers can listen, whisper and barge when needed.

Call Queues

Never miss a call and watch your customer satisfaction soar! Create call queues and define how calls should be distributed: sequential, ring all, round robin, and more.

Voicemail Plus

All voicemail, agency and individual, is automatically transcribed, emailed to the user, stored in Bridge and can be easily documented in your management system.

Call History

Search and filter all calls, tag them for reference and marketing campaigns, add them as contacts, and export them to your management system.

Flexible Phone Options

Use a traditional desk phone, a “soft” phone with an ultra-productive headset, or even use the Bridge mobile app.


We know agencies fax … a lot! And Bridge makes faxing so much smarter and easier than ever. All digital, access faxes anytime, anywhere. Fax from a dedicated number, your main number or, literally, any of your numbers.

Integration: This is the big payoff for your agency

It’s one thing to have all of these absolutely essential phone features. It’s quite another to have them all in one system. No extra logins, no extra costs. It’s all included with Bridge. But there’s much more…

Bridge gives you something no other system can:

Quick and easy documentation of everything in your management system.

E&O Compliance So Quick and Easy It Actually Happens

Because everything is built in to Bridge, and Bridge integrates with your management system, everything is effortlessly documented in your management system. Never face an E&O claim without full documentation!