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Mastering a tool this powerful takes time, so we’re here to help you…

Fortunately, we have a dedicated training and CARE team to walk you through everything you need to know to be up and running in no time.

Register for any of our webinars to learn how Bridge can deliver everything your agency needs to communicate, sell, retain and grow your book and integrate with your management system. Need more ONE ON ONE attention, then call our CARE team at 678-400-4030 for a personalized walk through of anything on your mind.

Mobile App Monday

Mondays from 2:30PM – 3:30PM EST


Topics for this webinar: How to make the most of the upgrades we have made to the Mobile App to stay connected and in control when on the go!

Enhanced connectivity & customization

In this newer version, learn the ways you can have a faster, stronger and more reliable Mobile App experience while working out of (or in) the office. We also discuss the features you can tailor to meet your needs.

Making and transferring calls made easier

We will show you how easy it is to use the app to make, receive, and transfer calls keeping you connected to your office and your clients at all times.

Call Centre Connectivity

See the availability of your team no matter where you are. View when team members are busy on a call, available, or out to lunch. Easily transfer calls, merge conversations and manage call flow preferences all in one place while on the go.

Contacts at your fingertips

Access all your agency contacts using your prospect and client data. This makes it easy to connect via phone, text or email with your customers and business associates.

Call History

Call History is a great way to access and track your calls and those for the entire agency while on the move. Search call history by name or number and listen to recorded messages. Respond to calls via text message, or phone on the mobile app.

Chat Plus

Stay in touch with anywhere, any time with your team. Access to every message at your fingertips as they are fully searchable in the thread. Effective and efficient communication with this mobile message board for your agency. Communicate directly or create groups so the right people will be notified all at once.

Texting and Visual Voicemail

Never be out of touch while on the go! Up your communications game and see the texts and voicemails for you and those for the entire agency using the Mobile App! Send, receive and manage all your texts and voicemails anywhere…anytime!

Sales Automation

Tuesdays from 2:30PM – 3:30PM EST


Topics for this webinar: Higher productivity equals higher profit. The advanced automation in Bridge can dramatically boost both.

Pipeline Flow

Your sales pipeline never flowed this smoothly. The Bridge Proposal system gives your agency an easy path to create, monitor and manage your complete pipeline. Watch your proposals automatically move from “Draft” to “Sent” to “Viewed” to “Signed” as your team members and clients work hand in hand. Watch your dollars automatically add up and your monthly and anticipated totals automatically update in one sales interface.

Automatic Reporting

Who was called? How many leads came in through your website? Are you on track to meet your monthly goals? Bridge automatically generates intelligent reports that let you know which of your sales activities yielded the best results, and which need improvement to make each month a success.

Create and Send Proposals

Bridge gives you a full-featured system to create, send and manage your proposals. Add policy types and amounts, documents for review, policy and other documents to be signed electronically using Bridge’s built in eSignature, and even a link for customers to pay online.

Boost Closing Ratio with Video

Bridge gives you full video capabilities so you can easily communicate with prospects ‘face to face.’ And, since studies show that proposals with video close at a significantly-higher rate than those without, you can attach a video to walk through the key points of your proposals.

CRM: Knowledge for the Sale

The more you know about your prospects and clients, the better your chance of closing new sales and cross-selling existing clients. The CRM in Bridge gives you a remarkable ‘at a glance’ view of everything related to your contacts: phone calls, texts, emails, notes, chats, documents, policies and much more. Easily develop and maintain more personal relationships by ‘remembering’ so much about everyone you deal with. People love it when you care enough to know about them!

Power Prospector
Leading agencies consider outbound calling essential to success, and nothing beats a solid auto dialer to automate calling. Bridge gives you a substantial edge by running your data through List Builder to create ideal calling lists. No exporting, tweaking, importing or matching. Just set your list and click Go in Bridge’s auto dialer.

Bridge Tools

Wednesdays from 2:30PM – 3:30PM EST

No Longer Available

This webinar has been retired, contact our CARE team at
678-400-4030 for a custom tour through the “World of Bridge”


Topics from this webinar: eSignature, document sharing and other critical tools for your agency are all free inside of Bridge.

eSignature: Seal the Deal

Signing documents electronically is no longer an option, it’s a sales requirement. Forget paying for that additional annual document-signing program–we’ve got you covered with Bridge’s included, robust eSignature. Not only can you send documents for signing, but Bridge also tracks them for you, lets you know when they’re signed, and even sets up automated reminders in case someone hasn’t signed. Included in Bridge … no extra fees.

Send/Receive Encrypted Files

Securely share files and documents, both internally and with clients. Large files are no problem with Bridge.

Boost Convenience with Texting

Prospects and clients prefer to text, and now more than ever, they expect the ability to fully communicate with you via texting. Bridge makes it amazingly easy, too. Every number in Bridge can send and receive texts, images included. No more shared or rented numbers for texting. No more E&O nightmares from texting with cell phone numbers.

Screen Pops

View advanced caller info for every call including client details from your management system.

Live Chat

For many, instant is where it’s at. Live Chat on your website lets you capture and nurture leads, then integrate them into your management system.

Automatic Activity Creation

Automatically create client activity in your management system, including a link to call recordings.

One-Click Export

Capture text messages, images, faxes, files and more directly into client activity with one easy click.

See Every Touch Point

See everything associated with every contact! Every text message, live chat, email*, task, note, document, policy… everything, all in one single place.

Video Call

Connect with prospects and clients personally, face-to-face, even if you can’t actually meet in person. Bridge video calling helps you establish and strengthen relationships no matter where you are.

Automated Marketing

Thursdays from 2:30PM – 3:30PM EST


Topics for this webinar: Your agency is sitting on a gold mine of prospects. Learn how to take advantage of all that data.

List Builder

Using your prospect and client data, generate finely-tuned lists to run your marketing efforts. For example, create a list of all clients who live in one of five different zip codes, or have a home owner’s policy but not an auto policy. Get personal and make a list of clients whose birthday is this month or a list of prospects who received a quote more than 30 days ago and have yet to be contacted by phone. The amazingly-powerful List Builder goes on and on.

Collect Leads

Build custom Forms to collect and manage leads internally from phone-in or walk-in leads and referrals, or make them available externally on your site. Now, you can capture every valuable lead from your online presence. Every lead can be manually or automatically assigned and added to your Bridge marketing campaigns.

One-Time Campaigns

Send one-time messages to any list of clients or prospects. For example, maybe inclement weather prompts a one-time message about renewing home owner’s policies. Messages can be delivered immediately, scheduled for sometime in the future or triggered based on criteria you specify. Send by email, text message or even recorded audio by phone.

MultiStep Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns in Bridge are an advanced and highly-effective way to get your message out over time so you’re always on the client’s mind. From onboarding experiences to your win-back list, you can campaign it all. Each multi-step message lets you choose the delivery option: phone, text or email, and the interval between steps. Set up your drip campaigns to run automatically whenever certain events occur, or use List Builder to create incredibly-nuanced lists and launch immediately.

Campaign Analytics

Was my campaign delivered? Who did it reach? Did anyone read my message? Did your campaign reach the right people? Did my message drive my prospect/client to take action? These are the types of questions you need answer to so you can determine if your campaigns are successful. Through clear & actionable dashboards, Bridge provides answers to these (and many others) to help you measure effectiveness of your AI driven marketing campaigns.

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