In It Together
Vertafore customers impacted by the COVID-19 crisis can now get rapid deployment of remote phone service, texting, e-fax, video and more.

Remote Phone System.
Advanced Communication Suite.
Up and Running in 48 Hours*.
First Month Free.

Call, text, fax, chat and video with customers and prospects—anywhere, anytime.

People need to be able to communicate with you as easily as if you were at your office. The primary way they’ll do this remains by telephone.

Your Bridge phone system will allow you to communicate just like you’re in the office. Only much better. And as part of this Vertafore exclusive offer, we’ll build it for you in just a few days, not weeks.

Of course there’s more to keeping things running smoothly than phone calls. That’s why Bridge gives you more than our legendary phone service…

  • eSignature – Built in eSignature lets you get documents signed securely, electronically
  • Live Chat – People love the super-quick response of live chat on your website
  • Text Messaging – Send and receive texts and images using your real phone numbers
  • Video Calls – Keep up the oh-so-important personal touch and social distancing
  • Internal Chat – Employees go gaga over Bridge’s internal chat with GIPHY and emojis—keep the communication lines open and the faces happy
  • E&O Protection – Bridge’s integration with Vertafore ensures your documentation and E&O protection won’t suffer
  • Faxing – Yep, still a thing, and we’ve got your users covered here too
  • More – These are just the highlights. Bridge is jam-packed with features built solely for insurance agencies. ;-)
Insurance Agent Working From Home - Remote Workforce during COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak 2020

Yes, sign us up for a free month of Bridge!

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Bridge is more than just a temporary solution.

This crisis will pass and we’ll be back to normal, and the tools in Bridge that help you get through this crisis will also help propel your sales and retention rates in the future. Here’s a video example of how, when this is all over, Bridge can actually increase your sales every month.

* Available on a first come, first served basis.
Setting up a custom phone system typically takes up to 30 days.
During this crisis, to get you up and running as quickly as possible we’re
expediting many setup options; some services are limited for the first 30 days. The free offer reflects a $1 charge up front (regardless of number of users) that is refunded or credited back on subsequent monthly billing, if applicable. Due to provisioning times that are controlled by other providers, only ‘soft phones’ (not desk or ‘hard phones’) are supported in the 30 day initial period. It is possible that, with extreme demand, we might not be able to set your system up within 48 hours. However, we’ll do our best to let you know up front and will keep you posted along the way!

We’re honored by the fact that more than 10,000 agents trust The Kotter Group services every day. In It Together.

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