About The Kotter Group

At The Kotter Group we believe that relationships matter, that people want to connect on a personal level, and that communicating effectively with the individual in the way they prefers is simply the right thing to do. This is the case not just in our communications with our clients, but also with our employees and everyone around us.

Communications and relationships are the reasons we created Bridge. Bridge seamlessly consolidates an entire range of easy-to-use communication tools that allow people to connect in the way they prefer and build ever stronger relationships.

We believe that technology should make life better, yet far too often we waste our time trying to make fancy tools serve us. In reality, we lose more time than we save. The Kotter Group was founded over twenty years ago on the idea of helping insurance agents get back into the customer-relationship business—and out of the technology business. As our CEO, Adam Kotter, says, “I get it. I’ve been there. As a former licensed agent and agency owner myself, I understand your pain. We have designed tools specifically to help you be the agent you want to be.” The Kotter Group is here for you.

Our Executive Team

Adam Kotter
Adam KotterPresident / CEO
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Lisa Kotter
Lisa Kotter Chief Financial Officer
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Charlie Griffin
Charlie GriffinChief Sales Officer
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Richard Branham
Richard BranhamChief of Software Development
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Tom Hinson
Tom HinsonChief Marketing Officer
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Our Management Team

Ben Welch
Ben WelchDirector of Network Operations
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Chris Lejeune
Chris LejeuneDirector of Customer Success & Experience
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Thomas Cook
Thomas CookDirector of Customer Success & Experience
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