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What can Bridge do for your agency?

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Your phone system is the hub of your agency.
Bridge includes the enterprise-grade phone system you need.
Insurance Phone System Enterprise VoIP Calling Bridge The Kotter Group

Cloud Based

Everyone can work seamlessly—from anywhere.

Screen Pop

See key client data before you answer the phone or even open your AMS to the client screen before or after answering a call.

Text Messaging

Text your clients and prospects from any or all of your actual numbers. No extra fees, no renting a number. Text from your computer or the mobile app. Most importantly, don’t suffer an E&O nightmare by texting from cell phones.

Call Centre

See who’s on the phone, who’s available, transfer calls and park calls no matter where your users are located. Managers can listen, whisper and barge when needed.

Call Groups

Never miss a call and watch your customer satisfaction soar! Create call groups and define how calls should be distributed: sequential, ring all, round robin, and more.

E&O Compliance So Quick and Easy It Actually Happens

Because everything is built into Bridge, and because Bridge integrates with your management system, everything is effortlessly documented in your management system. Never face an E&O claim without full documentation!

Voicemail Plus

All voicemails– agency and individual — are automatically transcribed, emailed to the user, stored in Bridge and easily documented in your management system.

Call History

Search and filter all calls, tag them for reference and marketing campaigns, add them as contacts, and export them to your management system.

Flexible Phone Options

Use a traditional desk phone, a “soft” phone with an ultra-productive headset, or even use the Bridge mobile app.


We know agencies fax… a lot! Thankfully, Bridge makes faxing smarter and easier than ever. Bridge faxing is all digital, accessible anytime, anywhere. Fax from a dedicated number, your main number or, literally, any of your numbers.

Integration is the big payoff for your agency

It’s one thing to have all of these absolutely essential phone features, but it’s another to have them all in one system. No extra logins, no extra costs. It’s all included with Bridge. But there’s much more…

Bridge gives you something no other system can: Quick and easy documentation of everything in your management system.

Your agency is sitting on a gold mine of prospects.
Bridge makes it simple to market to them and watch the yield skyrocket.
Automated Marketing Sales Independent Insurance Agencies (Bridge-The Kotter Group)

List Builder

Using your prospect and client data, generate finely-tuned lists to use for all your marketing. For example, create a list of all clients who live in one of these five zip codes, who have a home owner’s policy but don’t have an auto policy. Or all clients who have a birthday this month. Or all prospects who received a quote more than 30 days ago and who haven’t been contacted by phone. The amazingly-powerful List Builder goes on and on.

Collect Leads

Build custom forms to collect and manage leads. Use them internally for phone-in or walk-in leads and referrals. Add forms to your website and capture every valuable lead from your online presence. Every lead can be manually or automatically assigned and added to your Bridge marketing campaigns.

One-Time Campaigns

Send one-time messages to any list of clients or prospects. Messages can delivered immediately, scheduled for sometime in the future or triggered based on criteria you specify. Send by email, text message or even recorded audio by phone.

Multi-Step Drip Campaigns

Send a confirmation text message to new clients. Follow up with a welcome email an hour later. The next day, send them a pre-recorded audio thanking them for their business and asking for referrals. Drip campaigns in Bridge are an advanced and highly-effective way to get your message out. For each step, choose the delivery option: phone, text or email, and the interval between steps. Set up your drip campaigns to run automatically whenever certain events occur, or use List Builder to create incredibly-nuanced lists and launch immediately.

Video Call

Connect with prospects and clients personally, face-to-face, even if you can’t actually meet in person. Bridge video calling helps you establish and strengthen relationships no matter where you are.

Send a Video Message

Sometimes a live video call isn’t possible or practical, but you can (and should) still achieve that oh-so-personal touch through video. Record a quick video, send a link that can be accessed when it’s best for them, and know when it’s been viewed. Personalization and convenience shouldn’t be mutually exclusive!

In every insurance agency, higher productivity equals higher profit.
The advanced automation in Bridge can dramatically boost both.
Insurance Agency Automation: Marketing, Activities, Sales, CRM (Bridge)

Gather the Data…

Easily collect the data needed to build automations. Quickly build custom forms in Bridge and use them in person (walk-in or phone-in prospects) or add them to your website to rapidly grow your sales leads.

Turn the Data Into Results

Successful automation begins with the right data. Between your increased leads and the client data in your management system, you’ve got plenty of data. Bridge converts data into results. Once you see Bridge’s List Builder in action, you’ll be hooked. Your prospect and client data, plus a mind-boggling array of conditions and filters, equals an unlimited number of lists used for automated marketing that gets results.

Power Prospector

Leading agencies consider outbound calling essential to success, and nothing beats a solid auto dialer to automate calling. Bridge gives you a substantial edge by running your data through List Builder to create ideal calling lists. No exporting, tweaking, importing or matching. Just set your list and click Go in Bridge’s auto dialer.

Automated Marketing Campaigns

Ever imagined a multi-step marketing campaign that gets automatically triggered by events you specify, delivered in intervals of your choosing via email, text or phone call? Now you can stop imagining because Bridge lets you set up those AI-automated campaigns of your own!

Automate Emails, Texts, Calls

Bridge can totally automate contacting your prospects and clients. Set up one-time messages or multi-step drip campaigns. Send them when needed or automate them based on the appropriate triggers. Spend less time, get more done.

Automatic Reporting

Who opened? Who clicked? Who was called? How many leads came in through your website? Bridge automatically generates intelligent reports that let you know which of your campaigns yielded the best results, and which need improvement.

Pipeline Flow

Your sales pipeline never flowed this smoothly. The Bridge Proposal system gives your agency an easy path to create, monitor and manage your complete pipeline. Watch your proposals automatically move from “Draft” to “Sent” to “Viewed” to “Signed.” Watch the dollars automatically add up. Watch your monthly and anticipated totals automatically update.

Automation. Productivity. Efficiency. More Sales. Better Service. All related, all fully covered in Bridge—these are just a few examples.

“If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”
Bridge gives you actionable insight into your agency’s data and performance.

Your Data is Too Valuable to Ignore

Leading agencies don’t operate on instinct. Knowing everything that’s happening in your agency by the number is the key to success. Measure it. Analyze it. Act on it. Bridge’s deep integration with your management system combined with easy-to-use reports gives you the insight needed to grow your book like never before.

CSR Activity

With Bridge’s CSR ticket system you can know exactly how productive your CSRs are being and confirm that the important work is getting done.

Production Summary

Are you on track to meet your monthly goals? This report lets you know exactly where you are at and what needs to be done to make each month a success.

Call Analytics

Understanding when the bulk of your daily calls arrive, who is answering them and who is not can help you more efficiently manage your staff and plan marketing campaigns. Call analytics makes it easy to analyze these numbers to create the best customer experience possible.

Producer Insight

Many factors go into being a successful producer. Get insight into which producer is doing what so you can more effectively train and increase your closing ratios.


Never miss a renewal again. With the renewal report, AI triggers and maintaining your book of business has never been easier.

Bridge puts all of your prospect and client data in one location. And makes it easier to understand, learn from and take action on.

A great CRM gives you contact management. Bridge goes much further.
Bridge CRM: Super powers to manage and interact with prospects and clients.
CRM Insurance Agency Contact Call Marketing Text Message Sync Management System

See Every Touch Point

See everything associated with every contact! Every text message, live chat, task, note, document, policy… everything–all in one happy place.

Tag ’em

Tagging: your agency’s newest secret weapon. Add tags to any client or prospect and use those tags to filter, add them to automated marketing campaigns, create activities, follow up and more. Once you start using tags, you’ll wonder how you ever did without. And you’ll never do without again.

Campaign Watch

Bridge shows you every campaign that your contacts are assigned to–perfect for ensuring that you’re reaching every contact on a regular basis. See who was included in your “Combine and Save” campaign, or who isn’t (yet) on your “Happy Birthday” automated campaign.

Policy Info

Since Bridge syncs with leading agency management systems, all your contacts’ policy info is available at a glance. Less bouncing back and forth, more getting stuff done. Bridge is all about helping you be more efficient.

Change Log

Wonder when (and why) a contact’s address got changed? Wonder no more. Bridge gives you a log of every change made to every contact: what changes have been made, who made them, and the date and time.

Don’t pay extra for a separate CRM system. Bridge consolidates your CRM, communications, marketing and much more.

Maintaining and growing your book depends on sales.
Everything in Bridge is built to help you dramatically boost sales.
Increasing Insurance Sales Renewals With Marketing Automation And Engagement (Bridge)

Create and Send Proposals

Bridge gives you a full-featured system to create, send and manage your proposals. Add policy types and amounts, documents for review, policy and other documents to be signed electronically using Bridge’s built in eSignature, and even a link for customers to pay online.

Boost Closing Ratio with Video

Bridge gives you full video capabilities so you can easily communicate with prospects ‘face to face.’ And, since studies show that proposals with video close at a significantly-higher rate than those without, you can attach a video to walk through the key points of your proposals.

Sales Pipeline: Knowledge is Power

Bridge tracks your proposals all the way through your sales pipeline. From draft, to sent, to viewed, to signed, Bridge automatically updates the status, and keeps a running total of your sales. At a glance, you’ll know your numbers for the current month, the previous month, and year-to-date. Bridge Pipeline even shows you your anticipated sales for the current month and next two months.

eSignature: Seal the Deal

Signing documents electronically is no longer an option, it’s a sales requirement. And you’re covered with Bridge’s included robust eSignature. Not only can you send documents for signing, Bridge tracks them for you, lets you know when they’re signed, and even sets up automated reminders in case someone hasn’t signed. Included in Bridge… no extra fees.

Get More Leads with Forms

Leads from your website are among the most valuable you can have. And Bridge makes it easy to collect data from them with a built in form creator. Simply add fields for the info you’d like to gather, add a tiny snippet of code to your website, and your contact/info form will now populate directly in Bridge. Use that data to follow up by phone or add them to automated marketing campaigns.

Texting for the Win

Prospects and clients prefer to text, and more than ever, they expect to be able to fully communicate with you by text message. Bridge makes it amazingly easy, too. Every number in Bridge can send and receive texts– images included. No more shared or rented numbers for texting. No more E&O nightmares from texting with cell phone numbers.

CRM: Knowledge for the Sale

The more you know about your prospects and clients, the better your chance of closing new sales and cross-selling existing clients. The CRM in Bridge gives you a remarkable ‘at a glance’ view of everything related to your contacts: phone calls, texts, emails, notes, chats, documents, policies and much more. Easily develop and maintain more personal relationships by ‘remembering’ so much about everyone you deal with. People love it when you care enough to know about them!

Bridge gives you the right tools to boost and track your sales… And something equally important: E&O compliance made easy.

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