Insurance Agency CRM Integration

“Our agency uses Bridge, and I have to say, ‘Wow.’ Talk about one-step-ahead technology. Folks, you need to try this system. It’s doing business the way of the future.”

Ray Longoria
RLI Agency, Texas

Boost productivity, retention and profits like nothing else. Here’s how.

Consolidate all of your communications—and seamlessly document everything in your management system with Bridge.

Convenient? Understatement of forever.

For independent insurance agents, the risk of not maintaining E&O compliance is huge. Yet documenting everything has been a serious pain in the backside, until now. Until Bridge. Yes, Bridge puts all of your agency’s communication tools in one place. But the real game changer?

Quick and Easy

There are many options for maintaining E&O compliance—and there are words normally associated with them: tedious, laborious, confusing, time-consuming. The reality is you and your agents are busy, and if it’s not simple to do and quick to complete, documentation very often just doesn’t happen. Unfortunately, as the saying goes…

“If it’s not documented, it didn’t happen.”

Bridge’s powerful integration with leading management systems makes documenting everything a breeze.

You text back and forth with a customer. Click, it’s saved in your management system. Someone leaves a voicemail about making changes to their policy. Click, saved. You received a fax confirming coverage. Click, saved. E&O compliance, quick and easy.

The result? Everyone in your agency spends less time documenting, more time selling and serving.

We honestly believe if your agency isn’t using the full suite of sales and communication tools you get with Bridge, you’re losing money every day.

Transform Your Agency. Start Here.

Just a few ways Bridge will empower your agency…

Screen Pops
View advanced caller info for every call including client details from your management system.

Live Chat
For many, instant is where it’s at. Live Chat on your website lets you capture and nurture leads, and integrate them into your management system.

Automatic Activity Creation
Automatically create client activity in your management system, including a link to call recordings.

One-Click Export
Capture text messages, images, faxes, files and more directly into client activity.

Add e-signature to any document, see if the document has been opened and/or signed, and export it directly into your management system.

Send/Receive Encrypted Files
Securely share files and documents, both internally and with clients. Large files are no problem with Bridge.

Send/Receive e-Faxes
Fax from any or all of your office phones. Send, receive and export with one click to your management system.

Advanced Text Messaging
Send/receive texts (with photos) from any business line. Document them all in your management system.

Visual Call Center
Easily see who’s on the phone and who’s available. Give managers the ability to listen in, whisper and help as needed.

Capture Leads
Chat and web form data provide valuable leads. Capture them all in your management system.

Printing Redefined
You’ve never seen printing like this! With Bridge, anything you can ‘print’ can go directly into the client’s file.

Connect on a Personal Level
Create impossible-to-ignore video proposals and video messages. Export them with one click to the client activity in your management system.

This is only a hint of the ways that Bridge’s robust features can transform your office into the lean, efficient selling operation that you know it can and should be. Plus, we know that every agency is unique—your needs may be totally different than other offices. That’s why we provide a free demo that’s custom-tailored to the things that will benefit you the most. Seeing is believing.

Yes, this exactly … schedule my demo!

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