Serving Insurance Agencies with Exceptional Products and Support

We are honored to have earned the trust of so many! We look forward to providing the same level of service to your agency as well.

Tiffany Cronin AvatarTiffany Cronin

Dathan is ALWAYS helpful and makes this process so much easier. He is always happy to help and makes calling in for help not stressful. Thank you for being so helpful.

Kelsey Lingenfelter AvatarKelsey Lingenfelter

We are transitioning our work system so working out the kinks between offices this first week has had us on the phone with tech support quite a few times. I have nothing but great things to say about the help we have received from the support team. Jacob has been efficient, knowledgeable, patient, and kind! He's very great to walk through problems, or diagnose issues with!
High recommend this company for any office environment! Thank you Jacob for the great service and for the help!

Daniel Jackson AvatarDaniel Jackson

Jacob M. was very patient and persistent in working to solve our issues crippling the receptionist desk. He was very quick about potential remedies and easy to work with. Very much appreciated.

Sharee Robinson AvatarSharee Robinson

Juan was great and promptly connected me with Charlie to better assess and help with my issue. Charlie was pleasant and thorough in gathering the information about my issue and informative in ruling out issues. He was sensitive and respectful of my time having Matt call soon after. Matt was quick in calling, resolving, and explaining the issue, and provided guidance in what to do if the issue still wasn't resolved. I really appreciate the quick and service and resolution; they were great!

Spivey Insurance Group AvatarSpivey Insurance Group

Matthew Hutchings was a great help to us when our phones were down due to an outage in our area. He got us back up and called to make sure we were good.
Dathan assisted us in updating our hard phones with a new employees name and extension.

Melissa Mitchell AvatarMelissa Mitchell

Michael Mack was very helpful updating my phone settings. Bridge has really stepped up their game in the last 6 months. I love their new video message system; works 1000% better. Keep up the great work, Bridge team!

afi team Avatarafi team

We have been using Bridge for years.
Recently was working with Dathan W. to learn more about the features to utilize and learned a lot from speaking with him. He was very knowledgeable along with accommodating to my needs.
Great Customer Service!
Thank you!

Michael Frailey AvatarMichael Frailey

Michael and the entire service team at Bridge are dedicated to making sure our system is running smoothly and they quickly troubleshoot and fix issues in a timely manner. When they cannot identify the problem, they are able to give a timeframe for a solution.

Gary Thomas AvatarGary Thomas

Contacted Bridge first thing this morning regarding a specific outgoing message for Memorial Day. Michael Mack responded promptly and had it set-up for us in very short order. Great service!

Brianna Folgia AvatarBrianna Folgia

He was AMAZING! Helped me out immediately, and I could hear him smiling on the other line. I wish everyone treated me as nicely as he did. Thank you Michael :)

Alex Sebahie Never Back Down AvatarAlex Sebahie Never Back Down

Had a problem connecting with my head set to make calls to clients. Michael Mack was more than happy to help remotes into my computer, fixed connection and ready to take on the day ! Beyond thankful for the easy tech help and pleasant personality.

Anna Sweat AvatarAnna Sweat

The support team is fantastic, always works towards finding a solution and follows up if an issue is more involved. Thanks for being awesome!

Brian Spears AvatarBrian Spears

Michael was super helpful with getting 3 new phones provisioned for our office and making some changes to our system. I appreciate you!

Jodi Mendenhall AvatarJodi Mendenhall

Michael was so helpful! Responded quickly and didn't take long at all to fix. Thank you so much!

Kevin Malovrh AvatarKevin Malovrh

Michael did a wonderful job for me - he recognized my challenges and got things corrected right away. That's the type of service I really appreciate!

Ray Pegram AvatarRay Pegram

Delvin was fantastic in helping me with my issue... Highly recommend the Bridge support group..

Raquel Tillman AvatarRaquel Tillman

Michael M. was awesome today. He fixed an issue we had a for while that we could never get fixed. He fixed it. And he was quick & professional. We are grateful for his help.

autumn Kellum Avatarautumn Kellum

Devin Jackson was very helpful and nice. Responded back to me very quickly and helped me with everything I needed. Thank You very much! Good Job

Robin Fae AvatarRobin Fae

My experience with Michael could not have been easier or more efficient. He helped me sort out my small issue in 2 minutes! He's a real pro and I appreciate the support!

Michael Bowman AvatarMichael Bowman

Tech Michael was friendly and very easy to talk to. Took care of my problem in a matter of minutes and had my office back up and running up in no time. Always recommend these guys to all my business owner friends!

Vic Afetian AvatarVic Afetian

Michael Mack knew exactly how to fix the problem. In five minutes it was completely fixed to my ultimate satisfaction. Michael, you are the G.O.A.T.

Laverne Joseph AvatarLaverne Joseph

I spoke with Michael Mack in Bridge Support in regards to not receiving my calls. He was very knowledgeable with the bridge system, respectful and courteous. He resolved my issue quickly.
Thank You Michael Mack,

Michelle Schooley AvatarMichelle Schooley

Michael is always so helpful whenever I need assistance with my dialer. He is friendly, efficient and always finds a solution for my needs. Thank you!

Noah Miller AvatarNoah Miller

Devin was incredibly professional, helpful, and knowledgeable! He worked hard to solve my issue, and maintained a positive attitude throughout. I couldn't ask for better service.

Sean T Beard AvatarSean T Beard

Devin's response was immediate. He was professional, courteous and solved 2 issues with ease. Excellent customer service. Great experience.

Jon Hood AvatarJon Hood

Been with these guys for years. The product is great and the support is fantastic, they really work hard to get things customized they way we need them. Devin in Support has been really great at understanding what we need and making it happen

Mindy Tatum AvatarMindy Tatum

Devin J in tech support is professional, courteous and AMAZING. I requested help with some annoying items, and once he was streaming, in a matter of minutes he was able to fix everything. I had been living with these annoyances for a year and one chat session and it was fixed! He also gave me instructions, to help guide me in the future when I want to fix things myself. Thank you for hiring such a friendly and knowledgeable person to work for your company.

Vanessa Alquizalas AvatarVanessa Alquizalas

Kaleb Palmer was very efficient if handling my issue. He was professional and was able to fix what I needed to be done in a timely manner. Great job!

Charmayne Hibbert AvatarCharmayne Hibbert

What would we have done without Michael? As of today he is the only one who has shown us how to make this product user friendly. Thank you Michael for constantly taking our calls since we have had no training.

BeBe Roland AvatarBeBe Roland

Bridge has been a great platform for our agency. The support team is great! Especially Michael Mack! He spent an entire morning helping me get new team members added and set up correctly. We love all the features Bridge offers our agency!

Rachel K Buchanan AvatarRachel K Buchanan

I have been with the Kotter Group for 3 yrs now and they have always been thorough and quick to resolve any issues ~ Michael in tech support gave us outstanding service in setting up our new phones ~ Thanks so much for all you do!

Michael Simmons AvatarMichael Simmons

Michael Mack went above and beyond to correct my phone not connecting. I can now get back to work and a big Thank you to Michael.

Bridget Sollis AvatarBridget Sollis

I love this company and their support staff. Jacob and Jaime are always a great help. I recommend this company to anyone I come across.

rice office Avatarrice office


Audrey Mensch AvatarAudrey Mensch

Jacob took very good care of us this morning when we were in a bind. He got our phone's transferred from one office to the other because everyone is out sick. Thank you!

Brian Spears AvatarBrian Spears

Stewart is super helpful in the chat! He resolved all my issues. The support team is great!

Norma Napoles AvatarNorma Napoles

Devin was very helpful and helped me with my issue and let me know how we could refresh our system in the future. It was VERY pleasant tallking with him.

Sarah Schmidt AvatarSarah Schmidt

I called into tech support and Nathan helped save the day! He stayed on the phone with me until all my phones were back online. Thanks for the 5 star service!!

Laura Rist AvatarLaura Rist

Jacob was extremely helpful with my fax issue today...quick response and follow up! Provided great customer service...thank you!

Shephard Agency LLC AvatarShephard Agency LLC

I was on vacation and having trouble receiveing phone messages. I used the Chat feature and got Stewart Larsen. He quickly understood my problem and resolved the issue. He was very kind and understanding, not treating me as if I didn't know what I was doing. His consideration of my situation is greatly appreciated.

Dave Harvey AvatarDave Harvey

Thanks to Jacob for perfect Customer Service today. Very much appreciated.

Nancy Dabney AvatarNancy Dabney

Jacob assessed the situation and gave clear, concise instructions on how to fix the problem. He was very efficient and effective! I was able to get back to work within seconds.

Stuart Gold AvatarStuart Gold

Jacob was great. We were having a fax issue that he was instrumental in getting our problem solved. Thank you Jacob.

Patrick Collins AvatarPatrick Collins

I really had a MARVELUOS and ASTONISHING experience with JAMIE KELLY. I really wanted to give her a SPLENDID COMMENDATION she's a big help to me! and such a good asset of your company this employee needs to be recognize more for being nice kind and helpful very KNOWLEDGEABLE. KUDOS TO YOU MISS. JAMIE KELLY FOR A SUPERB JOB! Thank you so much!

Lauren Huffman AvatarLauren Huffman

Jacob did a great job resolving my voicemail issue. He was very helpful and quick to respond.

Alissa Connell AvatarAlissa Connell

Best VoIP service our agency has used. We tested out 4 systems prior to this one and none ever really worked or were reliable. The staff is very friendly and helpful if you ever run into an issue or need to tweak your settings. Highly recommend.

Amy Simkins AvatarAmy Simkins

Jacob did an amazing job helping me with a tech issue I was having with Bridge e-signature, thank you for your quick response and repair.

Danielle Giamo AvatarDanielle Giamo

Simeon Lovell is the best! Super helpful and very patient. Got my Bridge system connected to my phone and working in such a short time!

Costa Lakoumentas AvatarCosta Lakoumentas

The support team are exceptional. They are well trained and resourceful, always patient and very friendly. This is a sprawling product, with many features, so support is difficult, but this team does a great job.

Christopher Boring AvatarChristopher Boring

The chat service was an awesome help to me when we had a dashboard issue here at the office. Whole process was less than 5 minutes and my trouble was completely fixed. Great job!

Nick DiNicola AvatarNick DiNicola

Kotter Group has really stepped it up with training for their new Bridge system. We have attended a few training sessions with Rob Riley who has done a great job of getting us up to speed with the new system. I was very pleased to see the live classes Kotter has rolled out and it has been some of the best support we have received from our various technology partners.

Laurie Gillam AvatarLaurie Gillam

Stewart with Bridge Support is awesome. He spent time helping me get my account set up - very thorough and friendly. Best of all, no wait!

Lynn Vadnais AvatarLynn Vadnais

Jaime is great! As she is a licensed agent I felt comfortable that she truly understands what we do every day and she was able to explain Bridge 3.0 so that our agency is excited to use it. She showed us so many great things to help our customers. Thanks so much Jaime, your background in Insurance made this a great transition for me!

Ann Corriveau AvatarAnn Corriveau

Had training on the new Bridge product with Jaime Kelly today. This was one of the most informative and easy to understand training meetings I have been in. Having been a former agent herself, Jaime spoke our language and understood the issues we deal with on a daily basis and understands what parts of Bridge are important to us. The hour spent flew by, thanks again!

Chera Kimiko AvatarChera Kimiko

Jackson was the best! He stayed on the phone with us for an hour and 10-minutes (past closing) just to make sure we had everything set up okay. Honestly, he was so patient and helpful! He needs a raise! Thank you!!

Von Nix AvatarVon Nix

We love Bridge and new update is great. Jaime on the Care Team has a unique skill set with her insurance knowledge and her technical expertise.

Sandra Spivey AvatarSandra Spivey

Jamie Kelly was absolutely awesome with explaining how our upgrade will work. It is such a comfort knowing that she is a licensed insurance agent that understands the insurance world and what tools we need to run an agency. So impressed with Bridge for hiring her. It was a very smart move.

Spivey Insurance Group AvatarSpivey Insurance Group

Jamie Kelly was absolutely awesome with explaining how our upgrade will work. It is such a comfort knowing that she is a licensed insurance agent that understands the insurance world and what tools we need to run an agency. So impressed with Bridge for hiring her. It was a very smart move.

Liz Nickelson AvatarLiz Nickelson

Simon was absolutely awesome, fixed my system and I am good to go.
Thank you for the great support staff

Susan Catoe AvatarSusan Catoe

Stewart did an awesome job helping to set up my voicemail when it would not record from my end. Lots of patience, and great assistance in how to record it and upload it so it could be loaded on their side. Now it works great!

Bailey Family Insurance AvatarBailey Family Insurance

Jonathan, Charlie and the rest of the team are truly dedicated to making the best possible product for the industry. They actually take the time to listen feedback and do everything in their power to accommodate any asks. Thank you Kotter team for going above and beyond.

Dawn Box AvatarDawn Box

The Kotte Group support is fantastic! All the techs are so helpful & professional! Always solving the issue or keeping me informed when the issue is scheduled to be worked on.

Mike Flowers AvatarMike Flowers

The Kotter Group's chat team are great every time we reach out for support. Simeon has helped me multiple times and with patience explains the steps necessary to complete the tasks we need to, or provides remote support and finds the solution in a timely manner. Thank you for all of your help Simeon :)
-Amy, with Mike Flowers Independent Agency Inc:

Chris Moxley AvatarChris Moxley

Great Customer Service and innovative products. I would recommend doing a demo and checking out the service. They keep adding services also.

M E AvatarM E

Simeon Lovell is very helpful! Very satisfied with his help and appreciate the detailed walkthrough when we have any concerns.

Kicker Cardenas AvatarKicker Cardenas

I love the support that Kotter provides. Simeon is great. He's always quick and super helpful!!

Andrea Sebzda AvatarAndrea Sebzda

Worked with Charles to help establish our 3.0 Bridge updates and linking our calls to our management system. He was extremely helpful in grouping our office members, assisted in showing how to download and use Bridge phone central. Thank you

Tracy Tedrow AvatarTracy Tedrow

Many thanks to Nathan Howard for putting me in touch with Steven Meyer.
I have an appointment set for next week and am hoping for a successful solution for our shared customer.

jennifer stephens Avatarjennifer stephens

We are working through all the kinks of learning a new phone system, especially one as automated as Bridge. I will tell you that the chat help sessions are great - especially when you get Simeon! He has great customer service and chats with you until your issue is resolved. If he's unable to resolve the issue right then, he is good to follow up with you the next day or even the following week to see if things are working better.

Teresa Fuller AvatarTeresa Fuller

We are new to Bridge so there has been a lot to learn, but we are excited about all of the features it offers. Chris has been instrumental in coordinating the switch from our old system to Bridge. In addition, Kyle was also very knowledgeable, professional and courteous while assisting me with getting Call Park set up today. Thank you from team BEVCO!

Cheri Martinen AvatarCheri Martinen

Simeon Lovell from Bridge's Technician support team, helped resolve my issue quickly and was a joy to work with.

Julian Wright AvatarJulian Wright

It was a pleasure doing the chat today. I didn't realize it was gonna be so easy to get things done. 5 stars

Spivey Insurance Group AvatarSpivey Insurance Group

Kaleb was so very helpful today. He took time to explain and work through all my questions. He was able to answers them all and solve the issues we were having. It is nice to work with someone with patience and understanding.

12 Times Better Insurance Plus Avatar12 Times Better Insurance Plus

I was referred to Bridge through my Hawksoft CMS. I am a new start up agency and hoping the program will coach us well in this virtual world. I would give them 4.5 Stars if I could as a former employee dropped the ball on me big time, but that was not their fault. I have been currently working with Account Executive Ben Davis and he is great! He has not over promised, or underdelivered. If he does not know the answer, he will state that and find out. He just does not wing it to get a sale. The other staff members, all the way up to Charlie have been great. Thank you!

Keith Tew AvatarKeith Tew

Super excited to have Bridge at my office! Getting set up with everything does take some time for the transition but they have been a great help with a ton of exciting and beneficial services all in on package. Looking forward to a great partnership. Simeon with Support was a great help and fixed a couple kinks very quickly through Live Chat!

Aaron Dockery AvatarAaron Dockery

I've been using the system for over a month now and it's great. The IT response to suggestions and issues is always fast. Definitely top tier service work for these guys

Margaret Galewski AvatarMargaret Galewski

Jackson is a rockstar!! He made sure I was taken care of despite the fact that I called him at 4:59 on a Friday!!! Great service and super nice to deal with!! Thank you Jackson :)

Jim Garner AvatarJim Garner

Called Kotter and Jonathan LeCroy was great to work with. Phones we ported over from another vendor were not working quite right so he suggested Yealink phones and helped me pick out one best suited to me. Placed order on Wednesday and the phone arrived Friday. After a 20 minute session with Tech Support the phone was up and live. Thanks!

Dave Harvey AvatarDave Harvey

Big thanks to Jonathan LeCroy helping me during all this chaos. He did a great job of explaining everything and responding promptly with all questions and needs. Excellent Sales Pro! Thank you

Cindy Wyatt AvatarCindy Wyatt

The Kotter Group purchased a company we had used for our business phones. I was originally going to change providers as since I was not familiar with the Kotter Group and they are in a different state. However, we were assigned a fantastic account manager (Richard Allen) who responds quickly to our questions and is super knowledgeable so we have elected to continue using them. They are comparable in fees to Spectrum with much better customer service.

Dave MacDonald AvatarDave MacDonald

We use The Kotter Group and Bridge for our VOIP phone system. This is a dynamic integration with online text, fax and chat. Michael has been particularly helpful using their online chat support feature.

Dale Langehennig AvatarDale Langehennig

Jackson did a great job helping me with set-up. Looking forward to getting started on the system! Having US based support has been a breath of fresh air! Support has been A++ in every interaction. Great job, Jackson and Kotter Group!

Kyle Hatchett AvatarKyle Hatchett

Grant was very thorough and knowledgeable in helping us troubleshoot some network problems. Good customer support! Michael was also very helpful another time I called.

Megan Weldon AvatarMegan Weldon

Nathan (Support Technician) at Bridge really helped us out! We had a long standing issue that he was able to jump on quickly and get fixed that saved us a lot of head aches! He worked on the issue then promptly followed up the next day to be sure everything was done correctly. Thanks for your help Nathan!

B Quickel AvatarB Quickel

Michael H. is my HERO of the day. He gave me some direction in get Drip setup. Drip campaign could be your biggest selling feature if it is developed. Don't just give me a blank slate and expect results. Put a couple campaigns in the system. EX. What is the sequence you use when you are contacted about bridge - how do you followup? Bill Quickel

Liz Wild AvatarLiz Wild

Michael H. was so kind and helpful. He had nothing but patience. I had to call first thing in the morning and again at the end of day for two separate problems and he was gracious both times. I wish more people in customer service operated like Michael H.

Kevin Crowley AvatarKevin Crowley

I appreciate how responsive The Kotter Group is to my constant questions. I would definitely recommend them to people seeking communication services for their business.
I was especially grateful for the professionalism and efforts of Chris Lejeune, Chris Barfield, Nathan Howard and Jackson Butler.

Brandon Banks AvatarBrandon Banks -
IMG (Insurance Management Group)

Kotter Second to None The customer service and support at The Kotter Group continues to be second to none.

Danielle Shearer AvatarDanielle Shearer

Thank you Thomas for your help on our support ticket. You were very helpful and provided many options for us to choose from. I really appreciate the help.

Aaron Hill AvatarAaron Hill

Very good people to work with, and the CEO, Adam Kotter, is extremely knowledgeable and will do his best to work with you to resolve issues or plan and implement ways to avoid them in the future.

Ron Pitcher AvatarRon Pitcher

My insurance agency has been in business for over 30 years and we have embraced a lot of new technology over the years to help us work effectively, and more efficiently, but I have never seen a better system to seamlessly manage our agency/client communications and integrate with our AMS360 agency management system than this amazing new Bridge phone system through The Kotter Group. Jackson, the setup service profession, was awesome to work with! He went through what was going to happen in the entire setup and how it would help my business. And the cost? It was about half of what the other systems we were using cost the agency.

Bruce conrad AvatarBruce conrad

very helpful and explained things in terms even I could understand

Shaw Insurance AvatarShaw Insurance

Michael M. with the Kotter Group has been a great help to our agency with HawkSoft and other applications. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional and we can always count on him to get the job done. He makes everything seem so effortless and keeps us informed every step of the way.
I would give him a 10 star if I could.

Brandy Rosd AvatarBrandy Rosd

I is so amazing 😉 here. This place is so much more then a job are a career it’s truly a family. The have completed change my life and give me back the love 💕 of my life my Husband 🥰🤩😘😍🙅🏽‍♂️Thank you so much for being you , love y’all so much 💗🥰😍💕👏🏽

H S AvatarH S

Have worked with Michael McGlamry on several things recently with regards to getting a new employee and new computer set up. Fast response and all taken care of with no issues on this end....made it wasy for us!!

David Reuter AvatarDavid Reuter

Dave Smith provided excellent immediate comprehensive support and was kind enough to summarize all for the issues in a thoughtful email! Just Awesome Thank you so much!

Matthew Bryan AvatarMatthew Bryan

Been very pleased with the Kotter Group. Jackson and Manny have been very helpful every time I need something. I'm looking forward to the continued improvements and connectivity with our AMS.

Ramon Labrador AvatarRamon Labrador

Chris Barfield was very professional and helpful. He was able to recreate the user profile while we were on the phone.

Amy Hollaman AvatarAmy Hollaman

Michael l was very helpful and quick with resolving an issue that I had. Great customer service!

Joe Barge AvatarJoe Barge

Parker Easley at the Kotter Group was awesome in helping us move our phone system over to Bridge. Highly recommend working with the Kotter team and the Bridge product is great!

Rusty Hinman AvatarRusty Hinman

Grant was wonderful to work with, very patient and knew exactly what to do. He was done quickly and accurately. Thank you.

Barbara winton AvatarBarbara winton

Grant helped me tremendously today. I was unable to append suspense's with documents. He worked out I needed a new profile, he did that and put all my old desktop stuff on my new desktop with all my shortcuts. Resolved all issues and answered all my questions. He had previously mentioned that we needed a new router. He got together with my boss, they worked it out and now it all works like a dream! Thanks Grant

Scott Pelo AvatarScott Pelo

Grant was very helpful during my phone call. He was quick to understand my problem, took care of what I needed, and walked me through what he was doing while fixing it. If I need something fixed in the future I hope my phone call gets directed straight to him.

Sandra Windle AvatarSandra Windle

Michael McGlamry was so awesome to work with. He was pleasant and very knowledgeable about my situation. Thanks again Michael!

Susie Maxwell AvatarSusie Maxwell

Grant Harpole - worked with our local tec and host for our emails, and moved them onto the exchange with the Kotter Group within Hawksoft. Grant was very easy to work with and took care of everything in a very professional manner.

Amanda Hastings AvatarAmanda Hastings

Manny was able to assist me when we had an issue with our phone system at work. We had a tech issue that could've left us down but in just a few minutes had a fix for me and then updated me within an hour. Wonderful service!

Crissi Zaletel AvatarCrissi Zaletel

Thank you Michael! You did an amazing job with correcting my email issue. I have had several tech look at this error and continued to get it. I appreciate all your hard work !

Sandra Windle AvatarSandra Windle

Michael McGlamry was so awesome to work with. He was pleasant and very knowledgeable about my situation. Thanks again Michael!

Catherine Peduto AvatarCatherine Peduto

Parker was awesome! Stayed in touch and followed up until my issue was resolved. Very polite and professional. Thank you Parker!

Nancy Woron AvatarNancy Woron

Grant Harpole is awesome! He was able to fix several issues we were having with our management system that have been plaguing our office for the past week. Thank you so much Grant for your knowledge and expertise! You are amazing!

Tony Darger AvatarTony Darger

Phenomenal customer service! Easy to work with and very helpful and knowledgeable about the products they sell and service. Highly recommend for your VOIP provider!!!

Charlie Webb AvatarCharlie Webb

Outstanding support. Will helped me and was the best ever. Charlie

Coulton Every AvatarCoulton Every

I was working with Grant all morning in regards to some Outlook issues I was experiencing. He went above and beyond to solve the problem for me in no time. He was able to answer all of my questions and worked diligently to get me back up and running

Jacqualine Payne AvatarJacqualine Payne

Sam is AWESOME!! Very professional and patient as he worked through our agency getting back on board. WAY TO GO SAM!!!! IT has been a pleasure working with him!! Byrum Culo Davis & Dell Insurance Agency!

Toni Leibowitz AvatarToni Leibowitz

Hands down the best Service and quick to resolve my issues instantly. Thank you so much Kotter Group for always being there for my needs.

Emmanuel Osuyah AvatarEmmanuel Osuyah

Sam Okonta is the real deal. T'was the very end of the day, I called in and waited nearly 20 minutes and got a vm. I reluctantly left a message. Not quite 5 minutes Sam called me back and installed, downloaded and repaired all my software issues with my client management system across 2 computers: mac, windows and my ipad pro all in record time. Sam You are the real deal. Next time I want to talk to no one but you. Thanks for making my holiday weekend rock. Now I can get stuff done.

Michelle AvatarMichelle

Sam was very professional and made sure I was properly taken care of.

Double AA AvatarDouble AA

Michael H was great to work with. He took every possible step to work with me through the process with migrating email over. Also he was very patient with me in waiting as I set up mobile email too.

Elizabeth Perry AvatarElizabeth Perry

Grant from the Kotter group was super helpful and funny too! Usually calling in for tech help is an annoying process but he made it fun and helped out with little things that I needed as well. Highly recommend them!

Paul Smith AvatarPaul Smith

Sam Okonta walked me through getting Outlook 365 connected to my agency management system in a matter of minutes. Pain-free!

Holli Wint AvatarHolli Wint

Michael H helped our agency out of a huge issue. He got us back up and running. We are very grateful for his assistance on this.


Michael Harpole, this man spent the extra time to result all of my problems with my Outlook account that stopped working form your web site. Excellent job! The man should get a bonus or a raise in pay. President of American West Insurance Agency Inc Stanley Kingsbury Olympia WA

Mark Roman AvatarMark Roman

Thanks Grant! Grant helped me get one of my ported cell numbers back texting.

Jack Doolittle AvatarJack Doolittle

Nate Krausert AvatarNate Krausert

Outstanding service and knowledge!

Sibley Posse AvatarSibley Posse

Thank you for your help Michael Harpole! I appreciated how quickly and efficiently you were able to solve the problem I was having with my email on the Hawksoft Remote Desktop! You rock!

Sarah Mcivor AvatarSarah Mcivor

Grant was a Rockstar! 2 thumbs up. Thanks for your help!

Alan Hoffmann AvatarAlan Hoffmann

worked with Grant to update to Parallels Client. Found a glitch in Windows and had to go thru a long process but got me up and running. Great job Grant! Love Kotter and Hawksoft!

Yelena Kacherovsky AvatarYelena Kacherovsky

The issue with my e-mail was fixed.

Jeff Pugmire AvatarJeff Pugmire

They've always been super helpful every time that I have called.

Breeze Insurance AvatarBreeze Insurance

Grant did an excellent job taking care of the issue at hand in a professional, proficient manner. Thank you so very much!

Edna Coberly AvatarEdna Coberly

Thank you Sam! I appreciate your prompt attention to my printer issues this evening! I thought I might have to wait until morning but when you called I was pleasantly surprised. You were able to reconnect the printer(s) and correct the default info. Fast, Friendly service! Thank you again! Beth, Kevin Panter Insurance.

Evan Whitehill AvatarEvan Whitehill

Grant was very easy to work with as was very quick!! Would recommend him to anyone!

Michael Cruz AvatarMichael Cruz

Tech support is very helpful and friendly! Stephen and Grant are legit. They are not playing. Great techs!

Kate Leaver AvatarKate Leaver

Chris Barfield is awesome!! He is very knowledgeable and very easy to work with!!! And he’s funny!! We enjoyed working with him!! Thanks for everything Chris!!!

Nathan Beck AvatarNathan Beck

Grant was excellent to deal with!!! He went above and beyond his call of duty!

Steven J. Spiro AvatarSteven J. Spiro

Grant worked with me for awhile, only to say more research was needed and he'd be getting back to me within a couple of days. Imagine my surprise when he called me back 10 minutes later with the solution. Grant understood my needs, was very professional and a pleasure to work with.

MrSstewart1985 AvatarMrSstewart1985

Michael did a great job setting up my AMS, will contact him directly with any other situations that may arise!

Teresa Campa AvatarTeresa Campa

This is Amanda Austin from Advantage 1 Insurance in St Cloud, MN and Grant was extremely helpful today, fixing 2 issues in 1 call - efficient :) He also provided some humor which was a bonus - Thanks Grant!

Steven J. Spiro AvatarSteven J. Spiro

Grant worked with me for awhile, only to say more research was needed and he'd be getting back to me within a couple of days. Imagine my surprise when he called me back 10 minutes later with the solution. Grant understood my needs, was very professional and a pleasure to work with.

Catherine Taylor AvatarCatherine Taylor

Sean Roberts AvatarSean Roberts

Have always been very helpful and professional, I have never not had an issue resolved.

Candace Gillespie AvatarCandace Gillespie

Kotter's customer service is the best. They always solve the problem. Their follow through is great. Grant was particularly savvy in solving our problem today.

Tanya Gehrig AvatarTanya Gehrig

We have been working with Grant for the past few weeks to move our data and emails. He has been very helpful in answering our questions and finding information for us. Grant answered all of our questions and helped put our minds at ease about the safety of our data. We had a period of time in which we thought our data was lost by our previous company and Grant helped us through all of that and when we discovered our data was recoverable, he helped us through the process of getting it into the Kotter Group. We are eternally grateful for not just Grant but the entire Kotter Group Team for their help over the past few weeks!

Eric Bright AvatarEric Bright

Very helpful. Will call Grant back next time.

Deborah Stowell AvatarDeborah Stowell

I Am in love, Printer Works !!

Aaron Bright AvatarAaron Bright

Grant with the Kotter group was very helpful GREAT customer Service....

Christopher Johnson AvatarChristopher Johnson

Wil Norton, Sam Okanta and the entire crew at Kotter group have always been very helpful, patient and knowledgeable. Glad to have these guys as part of our extended IT team.

Joshua Lipstone AvatarJoshua Lipstone

After spending several years, yes years, looking for a new phone system we found Bridge from The Kotter Group. It has everything that we were looking for and more. What we've been most impressed with is the customer service we've received from Manny T and Andy D. It's been a pleasure working with both of them as well as everyone else at The Kotter Group. I would highly recommend them for your business phone needs.

Felipe Mejia AvatarFelipe Mejia

Awesome help by the person who helped me, he knew what to do and did not stop until the problem was resolved. Great Customer service!

Gary White AvatarGary White

They are awesome!!! Always very knowledgeable and very helpful!!

Thomas Cuddigan AvatarThomas Cuddigan

worked with Grant... Great customer service.

Kevin Johnson AvatarKevin Johnson

Grant Harpole has been very helpful. He is very knowledgeable and quick to respond. I highly recommend him for all technical issues!

Steve Lipstone AvatarSteve Lipstone

Had a great experience with Manny Tejada assisting us with some issues we were having. He was patient and very knowledgeable. Thank you Manny!!

Adam Del Castillo AvatarAdam Del Castillo

Grant provided exceptional service. He was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.

Shayna Gersh AvatarShayna Gersh

Grant Harpole and the entire staff of The Kotter Group were phenomenal in setting our agency up as a HawkSoft Anywhere user. We had an urgent need and they made the migration quickly and efficiently. Our agency cannot speak enough regarding the excellent service. We are looking forward to the future and would recommend The Kotter Group to anyone and everyone!

Stacey Johnson AvatarStacey Johnson

I have been having issues with my computer freezing and not able to move and Grant has been GREAT! He was patient with me when I was upset. He has followed up with me to make sure that everything is running smoothly! Thanks Grant I really appreciate your support.

Tracy Smith AvatarTracy Smith

Stacey Johnson AvatarStacey Johnson

I have been having issues with my computer freezing and not able to move and Grant has been GREAT! He was patient with me when I was upset. He has followed up with me to make sure that everything is running smoothly! Thanks Grant I really appreciate your support.

Megan Odom AvatarMegan Odom

Robyn Thorne AvatarRobyn Thorne

Eli Gillespie AvatarEli Gillespie

Everyone at Kotter is super helpful - Sam, Benjamin, Thomas, and others. I really appreciate working with this group of people.

Michael Cruz AvatarMichael Cruz

Tech support is very helpful and friendly!

Kari Colman AvatarKari Colman

Switching over to VOIP is quite a process but the support staff is very willing to help quickly. I specifically worked with Grant several time over the course of one day. We had headsets that worked one day and then wouldn't work the next day. It could have been a very frustrating process but Grant made it easy and you can tell he enjoys being a problem solver. I'm sure it's not the last time he will hear from me. Thanks for your efforts!

Leanne Marie Kelly AvatarLeanne Marie Kelly

I had a great customer service experience with Michael McGlamry. He was patient , kind and very knowledgeable. Since this is all new to me, I have no idea what I am doing and Michael had to work with my limited knowledge and information. He patiently stuck with me and figured out my issue. I wish I had called him first, rather than wasting hours of my work day trying to install an unnecessary piece of equipment. Thanks Michael!

Steve Bradfield AvatarSteve Bradfield

Just worked with Sam Okonta at The Kotter Group re: an email set up issue. He was pleasant and professional, and handled my issue promptly. Thanks Sam

Steve Bradfield AvatarSteve Bradfield

Just worked with Sam Okonta at The Kotter Group re: an email set up issue. He was pleasant and professional, and handled my issue promptly. Thanks Sam

Deloss Buseman AvatarDeloss Buseman

Sam was great helping me late in the day and exceeded my expectations! Great job!

Janine Dawson AvatarJanine Dawson

Ahh once again Kotter brings a remote location my laptop somehow removed all my Hawksoft icons, etc...Sam Okonta was awesome and got me back on line within minutes...Love their service and their staff...You guys are amazing!! Thanks!!!

Beth Delaforest AvatarBeth Delaforest

Thomas Cook is super responsive and has been awesome to work with!!

Carolyn Cline AvatarCarolyn Cline

Thank you for prompt assistance in getting a new user set up. Customer service was excellent!

Al Piper AvatarAl Piper

Walter Goins is the man for tech support. He knows what to do in solving your issues. Hope that you get his assistance for help. Courteous, patient and knowledgably.

Carolyn Cline AvatarCarolyn Cline

I appreciate your professional customer service. You are a very pleasant and patient person, and I appreciate your help very much.

Christine Greer Gulley AvatarChristine Greer Gulley

Tiffany Brown AvatarTiffany Brown

Thank you Michael McGlamry for your excellent customer service in helping me reset a username. The change wasn't really necessary, but you made the agency owner happy by going the extra mile for her.

Megan Gore AvatarMegan Gore

Thanks to Anthony for helping resolve my issues so quickly and for teaching me a few helpful, time-saving points in Bridge. Once again, Bridge's customer service team is exemplary. Thanks again!

Rusti Witham AvatarRusti Witham

I have worked with a few IT groups in the past, but I an beyond pleased to have connected with Sam, Justin and Andy from the Kotter Group. Not only are they talented in their field, they are delightful to interact with. They really know their stuff and didn't make me feel that I was ignorant in my questions- a rare find these days! So glad that I can know they are just a phone call away. Rusti

Steve Carey AvatarSteve Carey

Thank you guys very much with all your help! We value your product and services, and appreciate the great customer service we received in our time of trial! Much appreciated! Thanks again and have a great weekend!

Tina Singleton AvatarTina Singleton

Kim Rutter AvatarKim Rutter

All of my experiences with tech support at Kotter have been great, but Wil is fantastic! He knows his stuff and doesn't talk down to you when you don't understand technical things about computers or your network. Keep doing what you're doing!!

Gina Nelson AvatarGina Nelson

Walter was extremely helpful assisting me with our shared calendars in the HawkSoft system. He was knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly. Thanks so much, Walter!!!!

Candy Barnes AvatarCandy Barnes

Deb Williams AvatarDeb Williams

They do a great job and are always prompt on their response time!

Stuart Gold AvatarStuart Gold

Michael was great. This was a new experience for our agency going away from the traditional voice service to VOIP. Not only do we save money on our voice communication system we can literally take it anywhere on any device. Michael held out hands and walked us through the steps to change and I dare say we probably would not have completed this task without him. Thank you so much Michael.

Jeff Anna AvatarJeff Anna

Big shout out to Walter Goins for the Wonderful Service he provided. Was very quick and got me up and going again!! Thanks Walter!!

Andria Nelson Reel AvatarAndria Nelson Reel

Always courteous and able to resolve the issues!!!

Megan Gore AvatarMegan Gore

Walter did a great job of being very patient with my ongoing issues, even on a Saturday. I appreciate his diligence. Thank you!

Debbie Bighill AvatarDebbie Bighill

Michael was able to determine an issue I have been dealing with for years and had the problem resolved within days. His ability to identify the problem, resolve it and follow up to make sure there were no further issues is much appreciated.

Drea Witbeck McAdams AvatarDrea Witbeck McAdams

Big thanks to Michael McGlamry who helped me out of a Hawksoft bind today - Knowledgeable, friendly and quick!

Cheryl Fessenden AvatarCheryl Fessenden

Anthony Santana has got to be the most patient and kind "techi" I've worked with. Good job guys!

Hope Garcia AvatarHope Garcia

Samuel Okonta was very helpful and has great customer service!

Stuart Gold AvatarStuart Gold

Nathan Furnish AvatarNathan Furnish

I am using Bridge by The Kotter Group and am enjoying it very much. They have provided excellent service. They are fast with follow ups, answering questions, and getting me up and running. Michael McGlamry has been great to work with. His help and service has been awesome. I highly recommend this service!!!

Raymond Langoria AvatarRaymond Langoria


John Parson AvatarJohn Parson

Whenever I have issues Kotter Group is there to help me!! Thank you!

Stephanie Longoria AvatarStephanie Longoria

Jeff McMillan AvatarJeff McMillan

Vicki Deroche AvatarVicki Deroche

Crissi Zaletel AvatarCrissi Zaletel -
MVP Insurance

Rebecca Byrom AvatarRebecca Byrom

Sam was able to get me up and running quickly. Amazing service and Sam was so very helpful in his explanation and I really appreciated the promptness and the great instruction that he provided.

Jessica Henshaw AvatarJessica Henshaw

Thank you Sam Okonta and The Kotter Group for helping get me up and running this morning in a matter of a few mins. This new system is going to make my life and workload so much lighter!! Keep up the good work!

Bay Harbour AvatarBay Harbour

Thank you Thomas. The install & login went very smooth. Thanks again!

Clinton Houck AvatarClinton Houck

Manny and Andrew were great at explaining features of the phone system. The Bridge product has all the features a modern day insurance agency is looking for.

Steve Brown AvatarSteve Brown -
Steve Brown Insurance

Thank you Just a quick note of thanks for employing very capable, understanding, and customer focused individuals in The Kotter Group’s technical support team. I recently had an encounter with Thomas Cook who was most patient with this inpatient, technically challeged, Senior agent. He remedied my problem very quickly and professionally; I wish I had called the tech department earlier rather than later! I would give Thomas an A + !

Victoria Renz AvatarVictoria Renz

Walter was wonderful regarding training for our agency over the weekend!

Kaylee Parson AvatarKaylee Parson

Samuel Okonta is the man! Customer service is awesome. I can always get a hold of someone.

Jennifer Yonker AvatarJennifer Yonker

I was unsure of working with a new IT person but Thomas Cook was knowledgeable and fixed all 3 issues I was experiencing. : )

Rusty Rutledge AvatarRusty Rutledge

Thomas got my question resolved. He was very helpful and wanted to make sure I was taken care of.

Joanna Girard AvatarJoanna Girard

Thomas Cook was so fast and helpful!

Pierre Roderique AvatarPierre Roderique

Awesome job!! Thanks so much for the help