Insurance Agency VoIP Phone System/Internet Phones

Insurance agents: The best phone system for your agency? Bridge is that and SO much more.

Insurance Call Center Agent VoIP Phone Headset with Bridge by KotterBuilt exclusively for independent insurance agencies, Bridge includes all of the best VoIP/internet phone features (see below). Bridge is such a comprehensive communication suite you could overlook that it includes an enterprise-class cloud phone system—but don’t. If you’ve seen a feature in any phone system, chances are good we’ve built it into Bridge.

It’s true: VoIP/internet phones allow work from anywhere. But your agency needs more than a phone system.

If your agency is looking for a better phone solution, know this: There are many traditional and VoIP or cloud/internet phones that will “work” for you. However, Bridge is different. Very different. Yes, Bridge includes a state-of-the-art phone system that will more than meet the needs of your agents, producers and support staff. But that’s only the beginning.

So why do leading insurance agencies choose Bridge over other internet phone systems? In a word, integration. Your office is required to maintain E&O compliance, everyone knows that. Bridge does something about it. Bridge gives you an amazing suite of communication tools (advanced texting from your actual phone numbers, eSignature, live chat, web forms, prospecting tools, sales tools, and much more…) And all of these communications easily integrate with leading agency CRM/management systems for what we call E&O-compliance-so-easy-it-actually-happensTM.

Calling and video with customers, prospects and employees. From anywhere. Selling more policies, retaining more clients, easily maintaining E&O compliance. Bridge bundles all the tools you need to make it happen.

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… and many more.

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